Amalfi – Napoli summer 2013

Amalfi - Napoli summer 2013

Amalfi – Napoli summer 2013


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3 commenti su “Amalfi – Napoli summer 2013
  1. Andrea Kohl ha detto:

    Hi, we neet to take the Bus from Naples Airport to Amalfi on October 31 and back on November, 4th 2013. Could you please give us the actual time table ? Thank you very much and best regards, Andrea.

  2. A5025258 ha detto:

    Hello, Now we plan to visit Amalfi on January.
    In the external website, it seems that there are another direct bus from Amalfi to Napoli departing 15:00 and 18:30 via Vietri sur Mare and arriving Napoli on 16:50 and 20:25.

    We know the 5020 timetable, but we cannot find the above two bus service.
    Is it the seasonal operation ?

    Thank you very much !

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