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È una compagnia che vanta nel suo interno diverse aziende ed offre differenti servizi, tra questi linee di trasporto su gomma per tratte regionali, nazionali, internazionali, linee universitarie e collegamenti aeroportuali.

Tra i servizi offerti: linea Aeroporto di Napoli Capodichino – Salerno

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37 commenti su “Buonocore-Group
  1. Lynne Morrison ha detto:

    Hi, Could you please advise if you have buses running from Naples Airport to Salerno on Saturday 30th March? If so, could you please advise the times and the cost? Our flight is due to land around 10am.
    Many thanks

  2. Lucy ha detto:

    I am trying to go from salerno to Naples airport ( apr 26 depart 12 noon) using the Buonocore shuttle but do not know exactly where to catch the shuttle. Where do I purchase the ticket? Thank you for any info!

  3. shina shina ha detto:

    You don’t need to book. There is the list of the bus stop in the shedule we sent you, the second link above, once you are in the place from where the buses leave look for the buses of the company you are travelling with.

  4. David Jones ha detto:

    On this site it says that there are four buses a day run by Buonotourist at 9.30, 13.30, 16.00 and 19.30 but when I go to there own site the timetablend only shows the buses at 9.30 and 13.30 and there are no more buses after 13.30. Have they now stopped the other buses in the afternoon

  5. Thomai_P ha detto:

    Hi, I am writing to request further information about your rides from Naples to Salerno.
    I want to go from Naples Capodichino airport to Salerno; my flight arrives at 14:15 (20th of April)
    Could you please advice me about the time and the place where I take the bus? I’m confused with all the details that you’ve written above.
    Look forward to your reply

  6. Sean ha detto:

    Do you have any shuttles that run from Naples to Salerno on Sunday 7 July. Thank you!

  7. Claire Archambeaud ha detto:

    Hi, Could you please advise if you have buses running from Naples Airport to Salerno on Saturday 17th August? If so, could you please advise the times and the cost and if there is a stop nearby the marina in Salerno? Our flight is due to land around 15 pm.
    Many thanks

  8. Ben Crilly ha detto:

    My partner and I will be arriving October 22nd at 9:40am if all goes to plan. What is the best route to get from Naples airport to Maiori. Much appreciates

  9. SimoneP. ha detto:

    Could you please advise if the buses running from Naples Airport to Naples have stops near Napoli-Varco Immacolatella, which is the departure of the buses to Minori (that you indicate me : http://www.sitabus.it/?attachment_id=775).
    Thank you in advance

  10. SimoneP. ha detto:

    With my luggage, 15mn walk is not easy.
    So, I prefer the ride from the Airport of Naples to Salerno. Can you confirm me that there are four departures per day set at: 09:30 – 13:30 – 16:00 – 19:30 ?
    To go from Salerno to Minori, can you confirm that the schedule is the one below ?

    Thank you in advance

  11. Missy Becks ha detto:

    Do you still offer a bus from Rome (FCO) direct to Salerno? Please supply schedule. Thank you.

    • shina shina ha detto:

      Bus connection Rome – Salerno:

      From Rome Fiumicino Airport to Salerno, July and August only, company Leonettibus
      Departures from Fiumicino Airport
      From Monday to Saturday: 11.30, 13,30, 19:30
      Sundays and holidays: 11.30, 15.00, 19.30
      Time of the journey: 4 h 15’

      From September to June, company Leonettibus
      Departure from Rome , stazione TIburtina bus station, platform nr 13, at:
      From Monday to Saturday: 8:30, 14:30, 20:30
      Only Monday and Friday: 12.30
      Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 16:00
      Only Friday: 17:30
      Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 18:30
      Sundays and holidays: 12:30, 16:00
      Time of the journey: 3 h

      To book your ticket call on: 081 969167 / 800 087580

  12. Francesca C ha detto:

    Buongiorno, il giorno 11 settembre arriverò all’aeroporto di Napoli diretta a Salerno. L’orario di arrivo e’ 13.20 e ho solo bagaglio a mano. Vedo che c’e’ un vostro autobus in pertenzaalle 13.30, potrebbe aspettarmi?

    • shina shina ha detto:

      Salve! Non siamo una compagnia di trasporti ma un blog spontaneo che spera di fornire informazioni utili ai viaggiatori! Dovrebbe contattare la compagnia per tali richieste o prendere l’autobus successivo.
      Buon viaggio!

  13. Antonio ha detto:

    Arrivato giorno 29/10/2013 alle ore 08,30 all’ aeroporto di Napoli, mi informavo, per le partenze degli autobus per Salerno, presso l’ ufficio “INFORMAZIONI” situato agli “ARRIVI” dello stesso aeroporto, il quale mi indirizzava presso un piazzale distante circa 300 metri (con i bagagli non e’ piacevole). Arrivato al piazzale suddetto, leggevo sul cartello gli orari. Le corse erano solo due (09,30 e 13,30) e addirittura la partenza delle 09,30 sarebbe arrivata a Salerno alle 11,50. Messomi in contatto con l’utenza 089 405145 posto sita in via Vinciprova a Salerno, mi veniva riferito che la partenza era alle ore 10,00 e non alle ore 09,30 e che il capolinea era situato alle “PARTENZE” dell’ aeroporto suddetto. Alla fine sono riuscito a prendere il bus, alle 09,30 e non alle 10,00, solo perché al passaggio del bus mi sono messo in mezzo alla strada. Quando sopra per far si che nell’ immediato futuro possa questo servizio pubblico migliorare.

  14. stephenholmes ha detto:

    Hi, i will be arriving at Naples airport at approx 10am on saturday 4th October 2014, please could you tell me the easiest and preferably the cheapest way to get to Minori. many thanks.

  15. sailor2323 ha detto:

    Please could you tell me the departures for summer 2014 from Napoli airport to Salerno?
    Many thanks!

  16. misha.karantin ha detto:

    Hi. On September 30, 2013, bus Naples Capodichino Airport – Salerno at 19.30 cancelled? How do I get in Salerno, if my plane arrives at 18.05? Thank you!

  17. CSva ha detto:

    Hello. We will arrive on 24 june at 08:20 at Napoli Airport. From there we need to get to Amalfi and i think the cheapest route and with less changes is: Napoli Airport to Salerno (Buonocore bus) then Salerno to Amalfi (SITA bus). I saw Buonocore bus will leave at 09:15. Is that correct? Also can you tell me the price of the ticket (i didn’t find on the site, and on other websites i saw that it can be 4 or 7 euros)

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