5080: Amalfi-Napoli Orari/Timetables

For the updated timetable click here 5080: Amalfi-Napoli Orari

Per gli orari aggiornati clicca qui 5080: Amalfi-Napoli Orari

Valido da (Valid since) 13 giu/Jun 2016

ITA ->Amalfi Napoli
ENG -> Amalfi Naples
RU -> Неаполь Амальфи

ITA -> Sita Sud
ENG ->Sita Sud
RU -> Sita Sud

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4 commenti su “5080: Amalfi-Napoli Orari/Timetables

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    hello! i have to leave from amalfi coast to naples international airport as i have a flight at 10:30 am on 24th of April (Wednesday). For this flight I have to reach by 8 am at max. Do you think your bus service will be available for that period and if yes please guide me as to from where should i take the bus to make it on time? and what will be the duration of journey? and what will be the drop-off point in naples?(if several drop points in naples closer to airport)
    Thank you

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      Hi Parth, I would not suggest to rely at the buses to get at the airport at 8 from Amalfi. The service starts at 7.10 Am and may take you few hours. I would suggest spending the night before in Naples. Check the updated timetable here