Florence – Radda in Chianti

Car is the easiest choice to visit Chianti.
The trains do not pass through the Chianti: you can get up to a certain point by train and then take the bus.

You can get to Radda from Florence and Siena by bus. Unfortunately the service is limited.



The company ACV – Autolinee Chianti Valdarno, by Busitalia buses, has a direct connection from Florence to Radda, Gaiole and Greve. The ride takes about an hour and a half and costs about 4€. Departures from Florence take place from different points of the city. The service is limited.

To download the pdf timetables check the schedule Florence – Gaiole in Chianti (365 direct bus)


Siena Mobilità

The company Siena Mobilità connects Florence to Radda changing in Siena (125 + 131R).

125 – A Siena – Radda (since 11 Jun 2016)
125 – R Radda – Siena (since 11 Jun 2016)

Florence Siena


Versione italiana: Firenze – Radda in Chianti


Florence Greve in Chianti bus schedule

Florence-Greve in Chianti

ACV bus company has a direct bus Florence Greve in Chianti.

The terminus in Florence is in via Santa Caterina da Siena 15, in the SITA bus station (about hundred meters from the railway station of  Santa Maria Novella).

Florence Greve in Chianti bus takes about 1 hour and costs about 3€

To download pdf bus schedule, see the page Florence – Gaiole in Chianti (direct bus 365).


Versione italiana: Firenze – Greve in Chianti


Florence Gaiole in Chianti bus

Florence-Gaiole in Chianti

To reach Gaiole in Chianti from Florence there are two ways. The terminus in Florence is in via Santa Caterina da Siena 15, in the SITA bus station (about hundred meters from the railway station of  Santa Maria Novella).


1) Direct bus

ACV bus company has a direct bus Florence to Gaiole in Chianti.
Download here pdf timetables:

365 ACV Florence-Gaiole (Valid since 06 May 2015)
Acv Legend

The tickets costs about 4,5 euro.


ACV tickets can be purchased at bars, tobacconists and newsagents, on board (surcharge) and:

Florence in Via S.ta Caterina da Siena (BUSITALIA bus station):
• Mon – Sat: 5.45 – 20.40
• Sun and holidays: 6.25 – 20.00

Florence in Largo Alinari (CAP bus station):
• Mon – Sun: 6.40 – 20.00


2) Via Siena

Another way to reach Gaiole in Chianti is via Siena and Tiemme spa buses.

127 A Siena-Gaiole (Valid since 11 June 2015)
127 R Gaiole-Siena (Valid since 11 June 2015)


Siena Gaiole ticket costs about 3,40€.

Tickets can be purchased at bars, tobacconists and newsagents, online, on board (surcharge) and in Florence via Santa Caterina da Siena BUSITALIA bus station (terminus).


Florence Barberino Outlet

Florence-Barberino OutletBarberino Designer Outlet, known as Outlet Village Barberino, is located in the magnificent setting of the Mugello (Tuscany) a few kilometers from Florence. Barberino Designer Outlet is a charming town shopping where to shop in complete relaxation, immersed in the Tuscan landscape of the Valley of the Sieve.

Visitors to the Outlet Barberino have the opportunity to save twelve months a year, with prices on major brands discounted by 30% to 70% .The Barberino Designer Outlet is designed and built as a Renaissance village, where to shop becomes a pleasant and relaxing walk in Tuscany.

Outlet Village di Barberino opening times:

Monday – Friday 10:00 – 20:00
Saturday – Sunday 10:00 – 21:00
Holidays 10:00 – 21:00


Shuttle service

Barberino Designer Outlet offers a daily connection with the city of Florence in just 30 minutes.

Shuttle service includes Fashion Passport, the daily discount card that guarantees a further reduction of 10% on the outlet price, in the shops participating in the initiative.


OUTWARD – from Piazza della Stazione n.44 (in front of Bata)

  • 10:00
  • 12:00
  • 14:30
  • 16:30

RETURN – from Outlet Information Office

  • 11:00
  • 13:30
  • 15:30
  • 19:00


Adults: 15 euro.
Young 14-16 years old: 8 euro.
Free for children up to 14 years.

The service doesn’t require reservations and tickets can be purchased directly on board the shuttle.



Bus line

You can reach Barberino Outlet with a scheduled service.


Line 301
Line Outlet


Single ticket: 5 euro.
Round-trip ticket: 9 euro.

Tickets and subscriptions can be purchased at retailers affiliated (bars, newsagents, dairies) and ticket offices of:
Florence – Via S.ta Caterina da Siena (at the SITA Bus Station)
Florence – Largo Alinari
Prato – Piazza Stazione

On the bus, you can buy single tickets (additional charge) by applying directly to the driver. The ticket, as all travel documents, should be immediately obliterated on board.

Florence Volterra bus timetables


The journey from Florence to Volterra takes about two hours. If you want to get to Volterra from Florence you will have to change bus in Colle val d’Elsa or Pontedera. The departing Sita bus station is in Via Santa Caterina da Siena 17, near the Santa Maria Novella train station.


By Colle Val D’Elsa

Line Florence – Colle Val d’Elsa is the line 131 ordinary line Florence-Siena:
Here timetables -> Florence Siena

Line Colle Val d’Elsa – Volterra is the line 770 Cpt:
770 Volterra – Colle Val d’Elsa (valid since September 2016)
Tickets are available at ticket offices of bus station, train station, cafe, newsagents and tobacconists.


By Pontedera

From Florence to Pontedera there is a Trenitalia train or a TTIsrl bus: line Fisciano-Milano stops in Florence and Pontedera ->TTI pdf timetable (valido al 23/06/2015)

Line Pontedera – Volterra is the line 500 Cpt:
500 Pontedera – Volterra (valid since September 2015)


Versione italiana: Firenze Volterra collegamenti

Siena San Gimignano by bus

siena san gimignano bus
The easiest way to get to San Gimignano from Siena, excluding the car, is the bus (see also Florence San Gimignano).

Tiemme spa (Siena Mobilità group) provides the service in two solutions.


1) Direct line San Gimignano Siena

Download here pdf timetables (bus 130 round trip):

130 A: Siena – Poggibonsi – San Gimignano (valid since 11 June 2016)
130 R: San Gimignano – Poggibonsi – Siena (valid since 11 June 2016)


2) Change bus in Poggibonsi

For sightseeing you can change buses in Poggibonsi.

a) Siena – Poggibonsi

Bus 130 (see above) or 131 ordinary line:
timetables on this page -> Florence Siena


b) Poggibonsi – San Gimignano

Num 130 is the bus from Poggibonsi to San Gimignano:
130 A: Siena – Poggibonsi – San Gimignano (valid since 11 June 2016)
130 R: San Gimignano – Poggibonsi – Siena (valid since 11 June 2016)

From Poggibonsi there is also the bus 133. It takes a longer way to reach San Gimignano (it pass through Ulignano).
133 A: Poggibonsi – Ulignano – San Gimignano (valid since 11 June 2016)
133 R: San Gimignano – Ulignano – Poggibonsi (valid since 11 June2016)


Versione Italiana: Siena San Gimignano in autobus