Daily Archives: June 27, 2016

There are two buses that connect Gardaland with Piedmont. Chiesa Viaggi Chiesa Viaggi offers connection between Torino and Gardaland. From 26.04.16 till 4.06.16 the company provides connections on Saturday and Sunday. From 06.06.16 till 05.09.16 the company provides connection on Monday and from Thursday to Sunday. Please note that during […]

Gardaland: how to get there from Piedmont

There are several bus companies that provide connections between towns of Veneto and Gardaland. Asiago – Gardaland The bus Giradi offers the connection between Gardaland and Asiago only on Wednesday and Sunday. Bus leaves every Wednesday from 01.06.2016 till 14.09.2016. Bus also leaves every Sunday from 8.04.2016 till 30.10.2016. Please […]

Gardaland: how to get there from Veneto