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From Catania airport there are different connections with Milazzo Porto, Saracusa, Agrigento and Messina. You can check how to get to/from Catania airport from/to Catania city center here: Catania airprot – Catania: bus connections Giuntabus Bus company GIUNTABUS connects Catania airport with Milazzo Porto where ships and hydrofoils leave to the Aeolian […]

Catania-Fontanarossa airport: bus connections

From Catania airport there are different bus connections with the city center of Catania. If you want to check the bus connections between Catania airport and Milazzo Porto, Saracusa, Agrigento or Messina, click here: Catania airport: bus connections AMT “ALIBUS” Bus company ALIBUS connects Catania airport with the city center […]

Catania-Fontanarossa Airport – Catania: bus connections