Ferrara: how to get there

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Ferrara is situated in the Emilia-Romagna region. Ferrara is well connected by buses and trains. It is situated 45 km from Bologna and 110 km from Venice. Airports that are close to Ferrara are: Bologna airport and Venice Marco Polo airport.

  • Bologna airport – Ferrara

There are two options to get to Ferrara from Bologna.

1. To take direct buses Bus&Fly. Buses Bus & Fly connects Bologna airport with Ferrara in one hour. Buses run 8 times per day, making 3 bus stops in Ferrara: at the shopping center, train station and in viale Cavour (city center). One way ticket costs 15 EUR. Tickets can be bought on the bus.

You can check the timetable here (from 01.01.15): Bus & Fly, Bologna airport- Ferrara

2. The second option is to first arrive to the train station of Bologna and then take a train to Ferrara. To arrive to the train station of Bologna from the airport you need to take Aerobus. For more infromation: : Bologna airport: connections

Then you should take a train to Ferrara. (around 30 minutes)

  • Venice airport Marco Polo  – Ferrara

Venice airport is situated futher from Bologna airport (110 km from Ferrara). There are no direct connections. At first, you should reach Mestre train station. For more information: Venice airport Marco Polo: connections.

Then you should take a train to get to Ferrara (around 60 minutes)

castello estense ferrara
Castello Estense, Ferrara
  • Bologna – Ferrara

TPER (Trasporto Passeggeri Emilia-Romagna) offers connections between Bologna and Ferrara. Line 356 connects two cities. Tickets can be bought on the bus (with extra charges) or in the tickets selling points. In Ferrara the bus terminal is in Corso Isonzo, whilsts in Bologna at the Piazza XX Settembre, 6.

You can check the timetable here (from 07 .06. to 14.09.2016): line 356, Bologna – Altedo – Malalbergo – Ferrara

ferrara cattedrase-san-giorgio
Ferrara, Cattedrase San Giorgio
  • Venice  – Ferrara

Flixbus offers daily connections between Vencie and Ferrara. Tickets cost from 5 EUR, full price -19 EUR. In Venice the bus terminal is in Venice Mestre train station, viale stazione 16. In Ferrara – at the square near the train station. The bus also stops in Padova (parking Piazzale Boschetti).


From Ferrara a bus leaves at 07.55 and arrives to Venice Mestre Station at 10.00. At the same time a bus leaves from Venice Mestre Station at 20.35 and arrives in Ferrara at 22.40.*

* Before the deputure, always check the timetable on the official website of  Flixbus, as it is a subject to changes, especially during the summer.

Antiche Mura di Ferrara
Ancient walls of Ferrara
  • Modena – Ferrara

TPER also connects Modena and Ferrara. Lines 550, 551, 552 connect two cities every day. Average journey time is 2 hours.

You can check the timetable here (from 06.07.2016): Modena Ferrara, TPER, Lines 550, 551, 552.

  • By train

Train station in Ferrara is situated 20 minutes from the city center so it can be reached on foot or by bus. Please note that because of some work in progress at the train station from 08.08 to 21.08.16, some trains from Bologna would be replaced by bus. You can check the timetable here(only from 08.08 to 21.08.16): TPER, Ferrara Bologna, trains

vicoli ferrara





Modena: how to get there

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Modena is situated in the Emilia Romagna region. Modena has a lot of things to offer: the beautiful city center, musem of Ferrari, good food (it is here where the traditional aceto balsamico is made).

Thanks to its geographical position, Modena is well connected with airports and other Italian cities both by buses and by trains.

  • Bologna airport – Modena

Bologna airport is situated 30 km from Modena. There is a bus direct service (Aerobus) from Bologna airport and Modena. The average journey time is 50 minutes. Tickets are sold directly on the bus or they can be bought online on the official website of Aerobus.it.  One way tickets cost 15 EUR, two-ways tickets – 25 EUR.

The bus operates every day including holidays. The bus runs every 2 hours. The first bus leaves Bologna airport  at 6.15, the last one – at 22.30. At the same the first bus leaves from bus terminal of Modena at  5,15, the last one – at 21.30. In Modena, the Aerobus leaves to the airport from Modena bus station (Autostazione) and makes 5 stops in the city.

You can check the timetable here (timetables updated 18.08.16):Bologna airport –  Modena- Bologna airport

Modena, la piazza Grande
  • Parma airport – Modena

Parma airport  (G.Verdi airport) is situated 40 km from Modena. Unfortunately, there are no direct connections to Modena. At first, you should take a bus to the Parma train station. Tep S.p.A with its line 6 offers such connections every day from 6.30 a.m. to 20.00. The average journey time is 15 min.

You can check the timetable here (sumemr 2016): Parma airport – Parma train station 

And then you should take a train to Modena (average journey time is 40 minutes). You can check the timetable on the official website of Trenitalia.

il duomo di Modena
Il duomo of Modena
  •  Verona airport  – Modena

Verona is situated 95 km from Modena. Unfortunately there is no direct conenctions to Modena. First you need to take a bus to Verona train station.Aerobus connects Verona airport and Verona train station daily in only 15 minutes. A first bus leaves Verona train station at 5.15 a.m.,  the last one at 23.10. At the same time from the airport of Veruna buses leave at 5.35 a.m., the last one at 00.48.

The cost is 6 EUR. Tickets can be bought directly on the bus (without extra charges), online on the official website of Aerobus, ATV and in tickets selling points (such as ticket offices of Trentitalia, ATV ticket office and in tabaccheria at the Verona train station) and at the airport(arrivel zone, information office or at the self service machine on the bus stop).

You can check the timetable here (summer 2016): Verona airport Verona train station

After that there is a train that in 2 hours bring you to Modena. Please note that the trains don’t go that often during a day.

Modena streets
  • Bologna – Modena

Modena is situated 40 km from Bologna. The quick way to arrive to Modena is by train. It takes only 20 min. One way ticket costs 4 EUR. Trains run every  10/15 minutes. Modena train station is in piazza Dante Alighieri.

Balsamico tradizionale of Modena
  • Modena, urban services

In Modena the bus company SETA (Società Emiliana Trasporti Autofiloviari) offers urban services in Modena. The bus terminal is in Bacchini street. You can check the timetable here (from 01.08.16 to 14.09.16): Modena, bus services

Ferrari museum

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