Artecard Campania

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Artecard Campania

Campania> artecard is activated with access to the first site chosen on the following list and has a validity of 3 days.


Includes only one entry to all the sites of the cirtuit:

  • Artecard> Contemporaneo : MADRE, Reggia di Caserta, Museo and Real Bosco di Capodimonte, Museo Novecento in Naples, Metropolitana dell’Arte;
  • Reduced admission: Plart Foundation, ARCA Museum – Contemporary Religious Art of Santa Maria La Nova, Hermann Nitsch Museum, CAM_Casoria Contemporary Art Museum;

A guided tour of the underground stations Line 1 “Toledo” and “Università” (every Saturday at 10.30 am with reservations required at the toll-free number Campania> artecard 800 600 601.
From mobile phones and abroad +39 081 197 37 256);

Use of all public transport means of companies that belong to the UNICOAMPANIA Consortium including all Sitabus transport (Sita Sud).

Where do you buy the Artecard?

  • in museums and archaeological sites participating in the initiative
  • Online
  • Through call center, 800 600 601 (Mobile & Foreigner +39 081 197 37 256)

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2 thoughts on “Artecard

  • Sandeepa


    I was trying to figure our if this Campania Artecard works on the Sita bus to Postiano and Amalfi?

    1. We plan to take the Circumvesuviana train to Sorrento. On the same day, from Sorrento, we will take the Sita bus to Salerno (from there a train to Naples).
    Should we buy the TIC pass or Unico Costiera pass or Campania Artecard?


    • sita_admin Post author

      Dear Sandeepa, the Artecard works good with your itinerary but feel free to choose the ticket that you prefer. (Tic has been discontinued).