ATAC bus lines Roma Tiburtina

Roma Tiburtina railway station offers different ATAC bus lines that connect Roma Tiburtina with different areas of the city.Bus Tiburtina

Buses with Rome Tiburtina as point of departure/last station:

  • Working/non-working days:  bus 71, bus 111, bus 135, bus 409, bus 490, bus 492, bus 495, bus 649.
  • Overnight service: bus n17, bus n23.
  • Working days only: bus 168, bus 211, bus 491.
  • Saturday and holiday only: bus C3.

Buses with Rome Tiburtina as middle stop:

  • Working/non-working days: bus 163, bus 309, bus 545 ( it stops only for Piazzale Verano direction).
  • Overnight service: bus n2.
  • Working days only: bus 443, bus 448 ( they stop only for Piazzale Verano direction)
  • Holidays only: bus 120EX
  • Saturday and holiday only: bus C2.



It is possible to calculate the route of each line here.



Here more info about bus from/to Roma Tiburtina:


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