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In Puglia there are 4 airports: in Bari, in Foggia, in Brindisi and in Taranto. In this article we are going to talk about bus and train connections with Bari airport (called also airport Karol Wojtyła).

  • Bari Airport – Bari

There are different ways to reach Bari from Bari airport:

1. The fastest way  is to use the train/Linea Ferroviaria Metropolitana. FERROTRAMVIARIA SpA connects Bari central train station with the airport in 15 minutes.  The ticket costs 5 EUR. Trains run every 20/30 minuts.

You can check the timetable here (summer timetable): Bari Airport – Bari


Bari, city center

2. The most economic way to reach Bari is to use buses of  AMTAB (Azienda Mobilità e Trasporti Autobus Bari) n° 16, that connect the airport and Bari central train station (Piazza Moro). However it takes more time: around one hour as buses make various stops. The bus runs every 40 min. The ticket costs 1 EUR and 1 EUR and 50 if it is bought in the bus. You can check the timetable here:

Line16 (timetable is updated  05.08.16): Aeroporto – Piazza Moro (weekdays)

Line16 (timetable is updated 05.08.16): Aeroporto – Piazza Moro (holidays and Sundays)

Line 16 (timetable is updated 05.08.16): Piazza Moro – Aeroporto (weekdays)

Line 16 timetable is updated 05.08.16): Piazza Moro – Aeroporto (holidays and Sundays)

*It is recommended to verify timetable before the deputure on the official website of AMTAB as it is a subject to changes.


Bari Seafront

3. Shuttle Tempesta connects Bari airport with Bari in a faster but more expensive way than does the AMTAB bus. The average journey time is 30 minuts  The ticket costs 4 EUR, it should be bought in the bus. The bus runs every 40 minutes, from 05.00 to 24.00. Please note that the bus does operate during holidays.

You can check the timetable here: Bari airport – Bari



In Bari you can use both buses and trains to go to the next destination. For example, from Bari it is easy to get to the Salento region. For more information: how to reah the Salento region: Lecce


Map of Puglia






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