Gardaland: how to get there from Piedmont


There are two buses that connect Gardaland with Piedmont.


  • Chiesa Viaggi

Chiesa Viaggi offers connection between Torino and Gardaland. From 26.04.16 till 4.06.16 the company provides connections on Saturday and Sunday. From 06.06.16 till 05.09.16 the company provides connection on Monday and from Thursday to Sunday. Please note that during the following dates the bus leaves the park at  23.00.

– Saturday 18 June
– Saturday 16 July
– Monday  15 August (FERRAGOSTO)
– Monday 31 October (HALLOWEEN)

The price, that includes the entrance to the park, depends on where you get in/get off from the bus. The price that includes only the bus is 34 EUR regardless where you get in or get off. Tickets have to be booked beforehand.

You can check the timetable here (summer 2016): Torino – Gardaland. Please note that the bus comes back from Gardaland at around 18.30-19.00.

gardaland toscana

  • Viaggi in Bus

Viaggi in Bus also offers connection between Torino and Gardaland.

The company offers connection every Saturday and Sunday from 26.03.16 till 1.11.16 and every Monday and Friday from 02.03.16 till 26.09.16 (except August). The bus also leaves on a special dates such as:



– 25 April

– 1 March

– 2 June

– 24 June

– 15 Augost

Also the bus leaves during the evening from 18.06.16 till 10.09.16 with a supplement of 5 EUR.

The price from Turin is 58 EUR (the entrance to the park is included). Children that are less than 1 meter high go for free. Children under 9 have a reduction of 5 EUR.

In Turin the bus stops in:Piazza Carducci, Piazza Massaua, Piazza Statuto, Corso Giulio Cesare (Auchan)

You can check the timetable here (summer 2016): Torino – Gardaland.

You can check how to get to Gardaland from other regions of Italy here: Gardaland how to get there.


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