Ischia: Spa Paradise

For those who want to spend a holiday in total relaxation and enjoy the beauty of the place then Ischia is the destination for you!

It is no coincidence that the island is famous for its thermal baths, so many people get there specially for them to retreat and cure thanks to the thermal properties.

It is its volcanic nature that makes Ischia one of the largest thermal centers in Europe.

Throughout the island you can find springs, fumaroles, sludges with well-equipped and highly-equipped centers, and all nursing establishments, are equipped with sophisticated technologies for every type of therapy.

Ischitic thermal waters are alkaline, contain sulfur, iodine, chlorine, iron, potassium elements and microelements of active substances.

Depending on their composition you will be able to cure many diseases such as: rheumatism, osteoarthritis, neuralgia, fractures, muscular tears, female disorders, respiratory illness and skin diseases.

You can cure or relax and enjoy the beneficial properties of the thermal baths of Ischia not only through mineral or thermal baths, but also through ozone therapy, showers, sludges, Turkish baths, inhalations, irrigation, underwater massages, which are now being practiced in ever more numerous Well equipped facilities also annexed to accommodation structures often accredited with the Servizio Sanitario Nazionale.

Among the most popular spa parks on the island are the Poseidon Thermal Gardens, Aphrodite Gardens, Eden and Tropical, Castiglione, Bagnitiello, Negombo and Cavascura Spas that also have private access to the beach.

After a beautiful day devoted to rejuvenation, what’s better than a beautiful walk?

The island, in fact, is perfect for those who love hiking and visiting new places especially the majestic Aragonese Castle, which rises on an island connected to the mainland by a bridge of about 220 meters, brought to the glory by Alfonso D’Aragona.

The castle is very large and quite uphill, following the recommended path the first thing to see is the Church of the Immaculate Conception dating back to the eighteenth century.

The convent and the cemetery of the Clarisse are very suggestive: in particular the latter is very impressive since you arrive in a room where small sitting places on which the nuns’ lifebloom were placed were located.

The process was to make the bodies lose all the fluids before they mummified themselves.

Shiver, don’t you think?

Continuing on the route you will find: the Basilian Abbey of Greece, the Cathedral of the Assumption, the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, and the Italian political jails that hosted Carlo Poerio, Luigi Settembrini and many other characters of the Italian Risorgimento.

Once you get to the top, you will find yourself on a panoramic terrace where you can enjoy the spectacle offered by the Gulf of Naples.

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