Linate Airport Milan connections


Linate Airport  is situated just within 7 km from Milan. It’s easy to reach both by car or by public transport.

In this article you can find the information about the bus connections to/from  Linate Airport and Milan train station Milano Centrale, EXPO/FIERA MILANO CITY , Malpensa Airport and Monza.

  • Train Station Milano Centrale – Linate Airport

Air Bus

Buses Airbus of the ATM company provide daily connection  Linate Airport – Milano Centrale. One way tickets cost 5 €, two way tickets – 9 € and for children from 0 to 12 cost 2,50 €. The tickets can be bought on board without any additional charges as well as in all authorized tickets selling points and automatic ticket vending machine in the Milan metro. Buses operate from  6:00 a.m. till 24:00 Average time journey is  25 min.


  • From Milano Centrale (the bus stops on Piazza Luigi di Savoia): the bus leaves at 6:00, 6:15, then every 30 min till  20:15. After 21:00  buses leave every 30 min till 23:00.
  • From Linate Airport (the bus stops near Arrival zone 6): buses operate from 6:30 a.m. with 30 min time interval till  23:30.

The bus also make one stop during this itinerary:

  • Direction Linate: P.le Dateo, at the corner with via Uberti
  • Direction Milano Centrale:  P.le Dateo, after via Poma in front of  civico n° 6

More detailed timetable you can find here: Airbus: Linate – Milan


Buses Autostradale provide daily connection Lenate Airport – Milan train station Lambrate – Milan train Station Milano Centrale.

Buses leave every 30 min. Buses  operate from 05.30 a.m. till  22.00. You can buy tickets on board. It is also possible to buy tickets online on the official website of Autostradale. One way ticket costs 5 EUROS, two way ticket costs 9 EUROS, for children from 2 till 12 – 3,EUROS. The journey time is 25 min.

More detailed timetable you can find here: (valid from 28/05/2015): Autostradale: Linate – Milan


Duomo, Milan

  • Airport Linate – Milan

City bus 73

Buses 73  that are managed by ATM provide daily connection between Lenate Airport and Piazza San Babila in Malian, metro station of the same name, line M1. Buses operate from 05.35 till 00.37. Tickets cost 1,5 EUROS.

More detailed timetable you can find here: ATM 73: Linate – Milan

  • Linate Airport — Fiera Milano City/RHO FIERA

Malpensa shuttle

These buses provide the connection between Linate Airport and Fiera Milano City only during exhibitions. Tickets cost 10 EUROS. Tickets can be bought on board.

More detailed timetable you can find here: Malpensa Shuttle Linate— FIERA MILANO


From Linate buses leave at 08.15, 10.15, 11:00
From RHO FIERA (Gate EST) at  15.30, 16.30, 17.30, 18.30
The ticket costs  €10,00


Fiera Milano City

  • Malpensa Airport — Linate Airport

Air Pullman

Air Pullman buses provide daily connection between Malpensa Airport and Linate Airport. Average journey time is one hour and a half.  Tickets can be bought on board.

From Linate buses leave at  09.30 – 11.15 – 13.40 — 15.30 — 16.30. Buses arrive at Malpensa Airport to Terminal 1. Request stop at Terminal 2 is possible.

From Malpensa Airport the bus leaves from Terminal 1 at 09.30 – 11.15 – 13.30 — 15.15 — 18.20
From Terminal  2: 09.40 – 11.25 – 13.40 — 15.25 — 18.30

More detailed timetable you can find here (valid now): Air Pulman: Linate — Malpensa


Modern Milan

  • Lenate Airport  — Monza

Malpensa Shuttle

From Linate the bus leaves at 06.30 — 07.40 — 09.10 — 17.30 — 18.30 — 19.40 — 20.40.
From Monza  – (the bus stop is at via Borsellino e Falcone) at 06.00 — 07.00 — 8.20 — 18.00 — 19.10 — 20.10
Average journey time is  20-30 min. One way tickets cost 8 EURO and two way tickets cost 15 EURO.

More detailed timetable you can find here  (valid from 10/05/2016): Malpensa Shuttle: Linate — Monza



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