Line M3 Milan Metro

Milan Subway – Line M3

Line M3 Milan MetroLine M3 of the Milan Subway is distinguished by the color yellow used for logo, the map and the decoration of stations and trains.

Line M3 connects the city from the north, with Comasina terminus, to the south, with San Donato terminus . The line has no branches.

Line M3 of Milan Metro crosses line M1 at stop Duomo, line M2 at stop Centrale FS and line M5 at stop Zara.

Opening hours
Line M3 of Milan Metro is active from 6am to 0:30am. Over the weekend closing time is extended. During the night the line is replaced by night bus. The frequency of the trains varies on average from 2 to 4 minutes.

Yellow line M3 has no branches.

Line M3 of Milan Subway

Map of line M3 of Milan Subway

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