Rainbow Magicland how to get there by bus

rainbow magic romaThere are several travel agencies that provide bus connections between Rainbow Magicland and Italian regions. If you want to reach the amusement park by train or you travel from Rome, please check here: Rainbow Magicland how to get there

  • Gitemania (Campagna)

Gitemania provides connection to Rainbow Magicland from Caserta, Eboli, Napoli , Nocera and Salerno. The bus leaves during certain dates. You should check their website to see the nearest dates of depature. You can book tickets online on their official website www.gitemania.com. or call the company. The price is from €20.00 to €45.00.

Timetable (subject to variation):

caserta  08:30 a.m.

eboli  06:30     a.m.

napoli  08:00  a.m.

nocera  07:20  a.m.

salerno  07:00 a.m.

The bus leaves from Rainbow Magicland at around 18.00

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  • Beducci Travel Bus (Campagna)

Buses leave from Salerno, Avellino, Napoli and Caserta. The ticket costs 45 EUR including the entrance to the park. Average journey time is 3 hours.

You can check the timetable here:

to Rainbow Magicland

from Rainbow Magicland


  • Partinsieme (Abruzzo)

Partinsieme offers connection every Saturday from 25.06.16 till 24.09.16. The average journey time from Abruzzo to Rainbow Magicland is 3 hours.

Price for the tickets are following:

1 adult + 1 child (under 10 ) € 78,00;  1 adult  + 2 children (under 10) € 108,00; 2 adults + 1 child (under 10) € 120,00; 2 adults + 2 children (under 10) € 148,00. Prices already include tickets to the park that will be given directly to you on the bus.

You can check the timetable below. Please note that the bus makes different stops on the way back to Abruzzo.

to Magicland:

Terminal bus at 07.00 – CHIETI SCALO: P.le Marconi at 07.15 – POPOLI Via Buozzi at 07.35 – SULMONA: Casello A/25 Sulmona – Pratola at 07.45 – AVEZZANO P.le Kennedy at 07.30 – tecnical stop of 15 min. – RAINBOW MAGICLAND Valmontone: at 09.50

From Magicland

RAINBOW MAGICLAND Valmontone: at 18.00 – tecnical stop of 15 min.- AVEZZANO P.le Kennedy at 19.15 – SULMONA Casello A/25 Sulmona- Pratola at 20.00 – POPOLI Via Buozzi at 20.10 – CHIETI SCALO Ple Marconi at 20.30 – PESCARA: Terminal bus at 20.45

For more information: Partinsieme: Abruzzo Magicland


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