Sita Sud srl – bus connection

Sita Sud bus connectionsSita Sud S.r.l. is a bus company for connection in the south of Italy. The service is divided into regions.


In Basilicata the service is part of the Cotrab consortium and it has lines in the provinces of Matera, Potenza and a link with the airport of Bari-Palese.


In Puglia the service is part of Cotrap consortium and it has lines near Bari e Foggia.


Sita Sud has daily lines from Naples and Salerno to Sorrento PeninsulaAmalfi Coast, Cilento Coast, Vallo di Diano, Potenza and Avellino.

National routes

Sita Sud also has the connection SalernoNaples – Bari.


Some lines:

Naples – Amalfi

Naples – Salerno

Naples – Positano

Naples – Minori


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  1. Boungiorno, Monica!
    Il bus 5020 va da Napoli a Maiori alle 17.30 al sabato?
    non posso capire сhe cosa significa “F”?
    Monica, potrebbe dire come si può raggiungere Maiori da Napoli?
    Volevo prendere il autobus 5020 o il autobus 5002 сhe va da Napoli per Salerno e dopo prendere il autobus 5120. Ma loro vanno al sabato?

    1. Buongiorno Richget.
      Qui gli orari del 5020: Napoli Amalfi
      In questo caso F significa Giorni Feriali cioè dal Lunedì al Sabato. Per sabato va bene anche il (6).

      Il 5002 non passa per la città di Napoli (solo per l’aeroporto) ma ci sono altre soluzioni per fare il cambio a Salerno il Sabato:

      La legenda è nei file.
      Se ha ancora dubbi non esiti a chiedere.

      Buon viaggio.
      La redazione declina ogni responsabilità riguardo eventuali ritardi o problemi.
      The editorial staff is not responsible for any delays or problems.

  2. Lost my black prescription Warby Parker sunglasses on the bus from Amalfi to Positano this morning…anybody find them? I can’t see in the sun:(

  3. Hola!!! les escribo desde Argentina. Y quisiera por favor si pueden ayudarme. No encuentro la forma de llegar en bus desde Matera a Tropea. Ojalá puedan decirme cómo llegar. Muchas gracias!!!

    Hello!!! I write to you from Argentina. And I would like to please if you can help me. I can not find a way to get there by bus from Matera to Tropea. I hope you can tell me how to get there. Thank you!!!

  4. Dear Sita Admin,

    Are there any multiple day passes for the bus lines between salerno and Sorrento available?
    Or are the 24-hour passes the only ‘long time period’ option?

    Kind regards,

        1. Dear Ellen, you properly understood. The “special ticket” it is the Tic (As mentioned before) and the single ride you can buy from the tobacconist/re-seller. Please mind that you could also make it on-board but some drivers tend not to give you the fair price as someone already complained here.

  5. Buongiorno
    I’m looking for connections between Brindisi Airport to Lecce please. I can’t seem to find anything. Can you send me a link?

      1. Perfetto! Grazie.

        Any chance of being able to tell me what buses run from Brindisi to any nearby towns or villages please?
        thank you!

        1. Dear Bianca, could you be more specific so I can narrow down the search? There are few buses that go around. Thank you.

          1. Hello
            Thanks for getting back to me.
            I was just thinking of catching a bus for the day to head out of Brindisi but somewhere nearby for another town visit. I’m open to suggestions but not wanting to spend more than an hour on the bus.
            Hope that makes sense.

  6. Hello good evening, today august 15 I would like to know the schedule of the bus from sorrento to amalfi.

    Thank you very much.

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