Perugia: airports connections


In this article we are going to talk about how to get to Perugia from Umbria International airport, Roma Fiumicino airport and Florence airport.

  • Umbria International airport ‘San Francesco d’Assisi’ – Perugia

1. Buses of Umbria Mobilità  offer connections between Umbria airport and Perugia, Assisi, Foligno and other cities of Umbria. One way ticket to Perugia costs 2,50 EUR (on a bus – 3,50 EUR). Tickets can be bought at the airport bar.

You can check the timetable here (valid for 2015/2016):

Umbria Airport– Perugia, Line E007

Umbria Airport – Perugia, Line E422

2. A bus of  ACAP – SULGA company offers daily EXPRESS connections between Umbria airport and Perugia. Tickets can be bought on board. One way tickets cost 8 EUR, two way tickets – 14 EUR. For children under 12 anni, one way tickets cost 5 EUR, two way – 9 EUR. Average journey time is  30 minutes. What is more, the bus might stop near hotels. The list of hotel is presented on the timetable below.

Timetable (from 05-08-2016): Umbria Airport – Perugia, ACAP-SULGA

National Archaeological Museum of Perugia
  • Roma Fiumicino airport, Rome Tiburtina  – Perugia

Bus company Sulga offers connections between Rome and Perugia every day except Christmas, New Year and Easter. In Rome buses stop in Fiumicino airport and at the station Roma Tiburtina. Buses also stop in Todi, Deruta and Assisi. The price depends on where you want to go. Children under 12 years old pay the half. Tickets can be bought on a bus. Average journey time to Perugia from Roma Fiumicino is 4 hours, from Roma Tiburtina – 3 hours.

Timetable and prices (updated 30.08.16):

Rome – Todi – Perugia- Assisi

Assisi- Perugia – Todi- Rome

In addition to this, Sulga buses offers connections between  Rome and Perugia, making another intermediate stops with a final destionation in Ravenna. In Rome buses stops at Fiumicino airport and at Roma Tiburtina. Buses also stop in Forli, Cesena, S.Sepolcro and C.di Castello. The price depends on where you want to go. Average journey time to Perugia from Roma Fiumicino is 3 hours, from Roma Tiburtina – one hour and a half.

Timetable and prices (updated 30.08.16):

Rome – Perugia-Cesena-Ravenna

  • Florence airport Peretola– Perugia

Florence airport is situated 160 km from Perugia. Unfortunately there are no direct connections. First, you need to arrive at the train station of  Santa Maria Novella di Firenze. In order to do that you can take a bus Volainbus, operated by Busitalia Sita Nord/ATAF, that connects Florence airport and Florence in 30 minutes. Average journey time is 20 minutes. One way tickets cost 6 EUR, two-way tickets – 10 EUR. Tikcets can be bought in ticket offices of l’Ataf Point and CRAL Ataf. The Ataf Point is situated at the train station of Santa Maria Novella, whilst  CRAL Ataf is situated on via Alamanni 20r, via Pacinotti 1/a and in via Pratese, 103/d.

From 28/07/16 the first bus leaves the airport at 05.30, whilst the last one at 00.30. In Florence buses stop Galleria stationa and in the bus terminal/autostazione bus Italia. This bus terminal is situated next to  the tarin station of Santa Maria Novella di Firenze.

Once arriving at the train station of Santa Maria Novella, you should take a train to Perugia Fontivegge. The average journey time is 2 hours. The prices are from 14 EUR. There are both direct and indirect trains. You can check the timetable on the official website of Trentitalia.

Perugia, piazza Italia




Rome Assisi by bus. Pilgrimage connections

rome assisi bus

This is a guide to go from Rome to Assisi by bus. The following bus companies serve the line Rome-Assisi:


Sulga line passes through Perugia, Todi, Deruta, Roma Tiburtina Railway Station and Fiumicino Airport. More information about terminal in Rome: Tibus station.
Download pdf timetables:

Fiumicino – Rome – Perugia – Assisi (updated to 29 Jan 2016)

Assisi – Perugia – Rome – Fiumicino (updated to 29 Jan 2016)



You can reach Assisi by Trenitalia train, too. unfortunately often it’s necessary to make a train change.


Events in Assisi

Here are the upcoming events taking place in the town of Assisi:

Transfer Procession of the Dead Christ, 25 Mar 2016
Procession, 25 Mar 2016
Music therapy and coma, 31 Mar 2016 – 3 Apr 2016
Easter Monday to Bosco di San Francesco, 9 Apr 2016
Assisi Antiques, 25 Apr 2016 – 3 May 2016
Festa di Calendimaggio, 3-5 May 2016
Calendimaggio, 6-8 May 2016
Ascension Day, 19-20 May 2016
Feast of Lavender, 18 Jun 2016 – 03 July 2016
Vote Fest, 22 Jun 2016
Easter Rosada Palio, 25-26 June 2016
Rally vintage tractors, 5-7 July 2016
Cambio Festival, 20 July 2016
TuttoDante di Roberto Benigni, 28 July 2016

Assisi is a pilgrimage destination and therefore many organizations (like Young People to Assisi) are organizing this type of travel and special events.


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