Subway Rome, line B

Subway Rome, line B: information about routes and trains.

Trains of the line B run every 8 minutes; trains departing from terminus Laurentina have two different destinations, Rebibbia (line B) or Conca D’Oro (line B1). The route is the same till stop BOLOGNA, than it changes.

First rides:

  • From Laurentina to Conca D’Oro: 5:32 (no-working days: 5:33 )
  • From Laurentina to Rebibbia: 5:30
  • From Rebibbia: 5:30 (saturday and no-working days: 5:35)

Last rides:

  • From Laurentina to Conca D’Oro: 23:26 (friday, saturday and no-working days: 23:27)
  • From Laurentina to Rebibbia: 23:30 (friday, saturday and no-working days 1:30)
  • From  Rebibbia: 23:30 (friday and saturday: 1:30 )


Trains stop at:metro roma linea b

TERMINI (line A)
BOLOGNA (line B1)

Roma Termini railway station

Roma Termini outsideRoma Termini
 is the main railway station of the capital and the first in Italy for passenger flow. It is situated in Piazza dei Cinquecento and owes its name to the nearby Terme di Diocleziano (Baths of Diocletian).

Roma Termini station offers services and links designed for tourists and Roman citizens: the station is now the central hub of the north-south link of Italy and of the transport in the city.

The to/from Roma Termini connections include transportation for each category: high speed, Eurostar, Intercity, national, international and regional trains, trolleybuses, trams, buses and subway.

Stazione Termini

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Stazione Termini 41.901091, 12.501991
Mobility map from Roma Termini railway station to Rome and province
Mobility map from Termini station to Rome and province.
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The platform 24 is used for train Leonardo Express, direct line to Fiumicino airport leaving every 30 minutes. Termini station is also connected to Fiumicino Airport via shuttle bus service.

From Termini you can reach Ciampino airport via shuttle bus from Termini or using a regional railway line to the station of Ciampino and then an Atral shuttle bus to the airport.

Termini station is also the meeting point of all the city’s subway lines: Line A (Anagnina – Battistini), Line B (Laurentina – Rebibbia) and Line B1 (Laurentina – Conca d’Oro / Jonio soon). By subway from Termini you can easily reach destinations such as the Colosseum, the Vatican and Piazza di Spagna.

The station offers several bus lines to Rome and province:
ATAC for travelling in Rome (find your bus route);
COTRAL for travelling in province and to the airports;
ATRAL for travelling to Ciampino airport;
FASHION BUS  bus shuttle to Valmontone Outlet Village (leaving only at 10 a.m. and only on Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays);
– 110 OPEN bus for the city tour.

To reach the Rainbow Magicland theme park you get to Valmontone station by train and then continue with the free shuttle bus.

For Ciampino and Fiumicino airports or other tourist destinations, like Zoomarine, you can use other transport companies like Terravision or TAM Bus.

roma-termini_internoInside Termini Station there are many services including Forum Termini a large shopping center located in the basement of the station.


COTRAL bus lines from Roma Tiburtina

Bus Cotral
Cotral bus

From Roma Tiburtina railway station a lot of bus with different destinations:



ATAC Company connects the station to several areas of the city. More information here ATAC bus lines. ,



Cotral company (blue color) connects Roma to other neighbouring cities (Tivoli for example).

Download here pdf schedule timetables Cotral from/to Roma Tiburtina:

Cotral – Roma Tiburtina (valid since 28 September 2015 to 22 December 2015)



In front of the station, around 100 meters on other side of the street, there is also another bus station with private bus lines that reach other national and international destinations. Buses with Roma Tiburtina as point of departure/last station:

  • Bus Roma-Firenze
  • Bus Roma-Siena
  • Bus Roma-Napoli
  • Bus Roma-Sulmona-Pescara

More info here -> Tibus bus station: national and international routes from Rome Tiburtina.



Moreover, at the station there is a Cotral bus that connects ROMA TIBURTINA to FIUMICINO AIRPORT; the price for one ticket is 5 €. Here more information FIUMICINO AIRPORT



Versione italiana italian-flag Linee autobus COTRAL da Tiburtina


Roma Tiburtina railway station

station roma tiburtina

Roma Tiburtina railway station is the second main station of the capital and is located in the east side of Rome.

The station has been deeply renovated in the last years and offers different connections with serveral areas of the city.



Tiburtina is a stop of LINE B of subway lines of Rome. By subway you can reach the main station of the city: Roma Termini. In Termini you can find train, buses and the another line of the subway LINE A.

Roma Tiburtina station

To take the LINE B1 (Jonio direction) you have to change subway line in another stop: Bologna is the nearest.

With departures every 15 minutes, in Roma Tiburtina station is possible to catch the regional train FL1, which connects ROMA TIBURTINA with FIUMICINO AIRPORT. The trip lasts 47 minutes, the ticket costs 8 € for person or 65 € for 10 tickets.



The station has several bus lines that connect different Rome areas, different cities near Rome and other national and international destinations:



Stazione Tiburtina

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Stazione Tiburtina 41.909823, 12.530701



Inside the station there are also several shops (currently about 20 stores) that offer various services including food service and drugstore.



stazione tiburtina 4stazione tiburtina 3stazione tiburtina 2Stazione Roma Tiburtina



Versione italiana italian-flag : Stazione Roma Tiburtina 


Canonization 2014: bus and metro

Canonizzazione 2014 bus metro

Canonization 2014 Rome busOn the occasion of the canonization of Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II, Rome will improve his transport network. On April 26-27 starts special transport plan: bus, metro and tram improvements.

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Metro Lines A and B extraordinarily open at 5,30am of saturday 26 to 00,30am of monday 28. Metro no-stop service helps who wants to attend the night prayer. Saturday Metro Line B1 close at 1,30am; sunday at 23,30pm. Bus night lines n1 and n2 will be suspended with the extraordinary metro opening.


From 2pm of Saturday tram lines 2, 8 e 19 will be improved. All tram lines are active until midnight. Line 8, like all weekends, is active until 3am.


From 2pm of Saturday bus lines 40, 46, 64, 218, 280, 881, 892, 907 e 982 will be improved. Line 64 will be active 24 hours: from 0:30am to 5am departures every 30 minutes. Sunday, until 3:30pm, it will be suspended.
Saturday, line 982 will be suspended at 19.

Bus Navette

From 2pm to midnight of saturday, 10 bus shuttles are active from Olimpico parking (piazza De Bosis) to St. Peter (Ottaviano Station of metro A). Bus shuttles will not make intermediate stops.

Deviations and limitations

From 7pm of saturday the area around St. Peter close. Following bus lines will be diverted or restricted: 23, 34, 40, 46, 46 barrato, 62, 64, 98, 115, 116T, 271, 280, 571, 870, 881 e 916. From 7pm, line 982 will be suspended.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Sunday following bus lines improve: H, 2, 3, 5, 8, 31, 32, 46, 49, 60, 62, 80, 85, 87, 105, 170, 201, 218, 246, 280, 314, 404, 409, 492, 495, 628, 714, 719, 764, 791, 881, 892, 907, 990, 991 e 998.
Until 3,30pm lines 34, 40, 64, 70, 116 e 982 aren’t active.

Terminal suspension

Following terminal will be closed: piazza Risorgimento, piazza Cavour, via Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, piazza Pia, via Paola and lungotevere Sangallo. From start service to 3:30pm, following lines will be diverted: 19, 23, 32, 46, 49, 62, 81, 87, 115, 130, 180, 190, 280, 490, 492, 590, 628, 870, 881, 913, 916, 990, 991, C3. During the night between Saturday and Sunday n5, n11, n15 e n20 will be diverted.

Bus shuttles

From 4am to 3:30pm, special bus shuttles connect St. Peter, Olimpico parking and Termini Station.
Bus shuttles will not make intermediate stops. Olimpico/St. Peter shuttle starts at piazza De Bosis and stops at viale Giulio Cesare (it will come back out of service). At the end of ceremony, it starts at viale Angelico to come back to piazza De Bosis.
Termini/St. Peter shuttle starts at viale Einaudi and stops at lungotevere Tebaldi, same for the return trip.