Catania-Fontanarossa Airport – Catania: bus connections


From Catania airport there are different bus connections with the city center of Catania.

If you want to check the bus connections between Catania airport and Milazzo Porto, Saracusa, Agrigento or Messina, click here: Catania airport: bus connections


Bus company ALIBUS connects Catania airport with the city center of  Catania. From the airport the first bus leaves at 05.00, the last one at 24.00. The frequency is 20 minutes. The price is 4 EUR.

You can check the timetable here (updated from 09.04.16): Catania airport – Catania

  • A.S.T.

The bus company A.S.T. connects Catania airport with the city center of  Catania every day. The bus makes only three rides during working days and two rides during holidays and Sundays. The bus makes the following stops:CATANIA-AIRPORT-SIRACUSA-AVOLA-NOTO-ROSOLINI-PACHINO-ISPICA-POZZALLO-MODICA-RAGUSA-COMISO-VITTORIA-GELA.

You can check the timetable here: Catania Airport – Саtania – Gela




The bus company SAIS AUTOLINEE connects Catania airport with Catania and Messina. The average journey time between Catania airport and Catania is 20 minutes, whilst between Catania airport and Messina – two hours.

You can check the timetable here (valid from 13.06.16): Catania airport  – Messina






Etna how to reach it


Etna is situated not far from Catania. The only way to get there by public transport is by buses AST. In Catania the bus leaves from piazza Papa Giovanni XXIII that is situated near the central train station of Catania. The bus leaves at 8.15. From Etna the bus leaves at 16.30. The average journey time is one hour and a half. The price for one way ticket is 5 EUR.

You can check teh timetable and bsu stops here (2016): Catania – Etna

You can also take a taxi, but it is rather expensive: one way trip 100 EUR.


Palermo Airport bus connections

aeroporto palermo

Palermo Airport that is named Falcone–Borsellino Airport is located at Punta Raisi 35 km from Palermo city. The airport is considered to be the third biggest airport in the south of Italy after Catania and Napols.

The airport connects both international and domestic flights with the main Italian cities : Roma, Milano, Napoli, Bologna, Torino, Venezia, Bergamo, Pisa, Treviso, Verona and with islands of Lampedusa and Pantelleria.

If you don’t have your own car it is possible to reach the airport by bus or by train Trinacria Express

  • Trinacria Express

The Trinacria Express connects Palermo Centrale station with Palermo Airport  Punta Raisi “Falcone Borsellino”. The tickets cost around 5.80 EURO. It is possible to buy tickets on the official website of  Trenitalia, in travel agencies and in ticket offices.


There are also several buses that connect Palermo Airport with different cities of Sicily.

  •   Palermo airport – Palermo

Company  Prestia e Comandè  provide daily connections between Palermo and Palermo airport. The average journey time is around 50 min. One way ticket costs  € 6,30, two way ticket –  €11. Buses leave every 30 min. Tickets can be bought online, in the ticket offices and on the bus. In Palermo the bus stops on Piazza Giulio Cesare.

You can see the timetable here: Prestia e Comandè: Aeroporto Punta Raisi – Palermo (timetables is updated 17.05.2016)

Piazza Giulio Cesare.


  • Palermo airport – Trapani


Buses of the SEGESTA Autoline  company connect Trapani and Palermo airport every day, including holidays. Tickets cost 9 EURO. The average journey time is 10 min.

From Trapani the bus leaves from Terminal Porto, via Amm.Staiti,13  at  07.45, 10.45, 13.45, 16.45. The bus arrives at Palermo airport at 08.55, 11.55, 14.55,17.55 accordingly.

From Palermo airport the bus leave at  9.30, 12,30, 15.30 and 19.30. the bus arrives in Trapani at 10.40, 13,40, 16.40 and  20.40 accordingly.

*The timetable is valid from 09.06.2014 г

Trapani see view


  • Palermo airport – Porto Empedocle and Agrigento.

Buses of  Autolinee Sal Licata company connect Palermo airport with Porto Empedocle and Agrigento. The ticket costs 12 EURO. Tickets can be bought in the ticket office, on the bus and in authorised ticket selling points. Buses do not operate on Sunday and during  holidays.

You can check the timetable here: Autolinee Sal: Porto Empedocle e Agrigento (from 13/06/2016 to 17.09.2016)

  • Palermo Airport- Menfi, Sciacca and Ribera.

Bus company Autolinee Gallo offer connection between Palermo airport and cities Menfi, Sciacca and Ribera. Tickets can be bought online or in the ticket offices.

You can check the timetable here: Autolinee Gallo: Aeroporto Palermo – Menfi, Sciacca, Ribera

* the timetable is valid from 01/01/2016.