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tuscany busIn Tuscany you can travel by bus to reach almost all destinations. Routes in Tuscany are indeed many and connect all villages, even the smallest and the isolated ones. Each province has its local company for urban transport, serving the local main city capital and its environs. Each province, as well, has a line a suburban bus company that connects all the others villages and small towns of the area with the others provinces. Getting around in Tuscany by bus is cheap, reliable and easy.

Tuscany by bus: companies by province
Getting around in Tuscany by bus is easy. Every major city has several bus companies. In Florence, for urban lines you have the ATAF Company, while LAZZI and SITA are the main carriers for the suburban area of Florence. Moreover, Lazzi from Florence, serve almost all the Tuscany with connections with Lucca, Prato, Pistoia and Pisa, and offering direct runs from Florence to Lucca, cheaper and faster than the train. Sita provides numerous links from the city of Florence to Chianti, and it is the best way to get easily to Siena. Prato and its surroundings are served by LAM, for local transport, while the CAP coach company serves the metropolitan area between Prato and Florence. Pistoia is served by the bus company called Copit, that offer a service of public local buses, also connecting the suburban areas of Pistoia, the Pistoia Mountains, the area of  Montalbano and Valdinievole, and all the metropolitan area between Florence-Prato-Pistoia. The COPIT also links Florence and the ski resorts of Monte Abetone. Maremma and Grosseto are served by RAMA. Siena is served from Baltour Ciarrocchi and SATAM. Arezzo is served by ATAM buses company and also Lazzi and Florentia Bus. Public transports in Livorno are managed by the ATL company, that offer connections on the whole coastal area and on the island of Elba. In Lucca and Versilia the buses company is CLAP, while other bus companies in Tuscany are the ATM in Piombino and CPT in Pisa. For more information on bus travels in Tuscany we recommend you to visit the official website of each company. To travel by bus in Tuscany you can also use tour companies, as CAF-Tours, which organized bus tours in Tuscany starting from Florence to the main Tuscany art towns, as Siena, San Gimignano, Pisa, Chianti and Lucca. The Caftours bus company also offers you the possibility to plan a customized by bus tour through Tuscany: you can choose to rent a car, a minibus or a big bus with drivers, guides and interpreters, to travel in freedom by bus in Tuscany.

To have information about how to reach different places you can check on our main page or among the topics of our forum. Don’t hesitate to ask us for help, will be glad to help you.

Tuscany by bus: buy tickets
Tickets can be usually bought at the bus station, or you can request information at the train station: bus and train stations are always very close. Tickets can also be purchased in tobacco shops, whose sign is characterized by a white “T” on a blue background, or even in newspaper kiosks. Also, here you can ask for passes and cumulative tickets.
Tuscany by bus: useful informations and prices
You can get on the bus from the rear doors and exit through the middle doors. Don’t forget to  stamp the ticket on board at automatic maschines, otherwise you’ll get a fine.
The price for city buses is about €1, 20/ticket and you can travel for 75 minutes from validation. One day tickets are also available for €2,50 – €5,00.
You can by also the tickets on board but for a higher price.

Here a map of some lines connecting Firenze – Siena – Arezzo and their hinterland.


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