Tuscany by bus

tuscany busIn Tuscany you can travel by bus to reach almost all destinations. Routes in Tuscany are indeed many and connect all villages, even the smallest and the isolated ones. Each province has its local company for urban transport, serving the local main city capital and its environs. Each province, as well, has a line a suburban bus company that connects all the others villages and small towns of the area with the others provinces. Getting around in Tuscany by bus is cheap, reliable and easy.

Tuscany by bus: companies by province
Getting around in Tuscany by bus is easy. Every major city has several bus companies. In Florence, for urban lines you have the ATAF Company, while LAZZI and SITA are the main carriers for the suburban area of Florence. Moreover, Lazzi from Florence, serve almost all the Tuscany with connections with Lucca, Prato, Pistoia and Pisa, and offering direct runs from Florence to Lucca, cheaper and faster than the train. Sita provides numerous links from the city of Florence to Chianti, and it is the best way to get easily to Siena. Prato and its surroundings are served by LAM, for local transport, while the CAP coach company serves the metropolitan area between Prato and Florence. Pistoia is served by the bus company called Copit, that offer a service of public local buses, also connecting the suburban areas of Pistoia, the Pistoia Mountains, the area of  Montalbano and Valdinievole, and all the metropolitan area between Florence-Prato-Pistoia. The COPIT also links Florence and the ski resorts of Monte Abetone. Maremma and Grosseto are served by RAMA. Siena is served from Baltour Ciarrocchi and SATAM. Arezzo is served by ATAM buses company and also Lazzi and Florentia Bus. Public transports in Livorno are managed by the ATL company, that offer connections on the whole coastal area and on the island of Elba. In Lucca and Versilia the buses company is CLAP, while other bus companies in Tuscany are the ATM in Piombino and CPT in Pisa. For more information on bus travels in Tuscany we recommend you to visit the official website of each company. To travel by bus in Tuscany you can also use tour companies, as CAF-Tours, which organized bus tours in Tuscany starting from Florence to the main Tuscany art towns, as Siena, San Gimignano, Pisa, Chianti and Lucca. The Caftours bus company also offers you the possibility to plan a customized by bus tour through Tuscany: you can choose to rent a car, a minibus or a big bus with drivers, guides and interpreters, to travel in freedom by bus in Tuscany.

To have information about how to reach different places you can check on our main page or among the topics of our forum. Don’t hesitate to ask us for help, will be glad to help you.

Tuscany by bus: buy tickets
Tickets can be usually bought at the bus station, or you can request information at the train station: bus and train stations are always very close. Tickets can also be purchased in tobacco shops, whose sign is characterized by a white “T” on a blue background, or even in newspaper kiosks. Also, here you can ask for passes and cumulative tickets.
Tuscany by bus: useful informations and prices
You can get on the bus from the rear doors and exit through the middle doors. Don’t forget to  stamp the ticket on board at automatic maschines, otherwise you’ll get a fine.
The price for city buses is about €1, 20/ticket and you can travel for 75 minutes from validation. One day tickets are also available for €2,50 – €5,00.
You can by also the tickets on board but for a higher price.

Here a map of some lines connecting Firenze – Siena – Arezzo and their hinterland.


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    1. SITA buses leave directly from Florence’s central SMN train station and stop in almost every single village but not all do so. For example, catch line 365 from Florence to Greve, Radda, Castellina and Gaiole but pay attention as some buses end in Greve. I recommend you check bus schedules carefully, especially on Sundays and holidays.

      Here the line 365: https://www.sitabus.it/?attachment_id=541

      1. Hello Shina,

        My wife and I were told we would have no problems going from Florence to San Quirico, the village close to Le Torri vacation rentals in Montespertoli ? Do you know what bus goes out that way and their time schedule? Greatly appreciate your help with this and we need assistance ASAP… thanking you in advance… ciao.

        Terry Hoehn

  1. Buongiorno, vorrei chiedere un’informazione. Vogliamo iniziare un pellegrinaggio verso Roma a Gambassi Terme. Andiamo in aerea da Amsterdam a Pisa. Come possiamo arrivare a Gambassi Terme da Pisa?
    Grazie e cordiali saluti, Johanna Weima

  2. Hi,

    I’d like to get from Scopeti to the centre of Florence (as near to Santa Croce as possible).
    Can I get the Sita bus? And at what time?

  3. I would like to travel by bus from Rome to Siena in June 2013 but can’t find a schedule of times. Do you have a link to the schedule?

    1. From Rome to Siena:
      Leaving from the Bus Station Roma Tiburtina the journey takes 2h 45m

      Company SENA: leaving from Roma Tiburtina Station at 6:30 a.m. arriving in Siena (station f.ta Sena Roma) at 10:49 am

      SENA (+39 0861 554889)

      Company Leonettibus: Leaving from Rome Tiburtina Station at 11.15 on Thursday and Sunday; leaving at 13:00 on Wednesday and Friday.

      The price with this company is about 15,00 €

  4. I am looking for the timetable for the bus from Florence to Siena (and return) (rapido), and the prices of a ticket. Grazie.

  5. What are the schedule for bus from Florence to Siena and Siena to Sangimignano,also SG back to Florence? We would like to visit 2 cities in 1 day. Shall be book tickets in advance?

  6. To get to Montalcino, from Rome, you will have to take a bus from Tiburtina Station to Siena, there are different companies serving this route, and then change in Siena and take a bus from here to Montalcino.

  7. Facendo tutta la tratta in autobus, da Firenze per Volterra, bisogna prendere la linea Firenze- Siena, scendere a Poggibonsi o Colle Val d’Elsa e da lì prendere l’autobus per Volterra.
    Da qui utilizzare i servizi delle aziende di trasporto locale Sita Toscana e Sena Autolinee.

    Per avere informazioni sugli orari degli autobus relativi al servizio extraurbano in arrivo o in partenza da Volterra e frazioni contattare il Call Center del CPT 800012773 oppure consultare il sito http://www.cpt.pisa.it/

    Altra opzione è raggiungere da Firenze Pondera in treno, 47’ , 4,5 € circa. Da qui c’è la linea CPT per Volterra, diverse corse al giorno, in poco più di un’ora sarai a Volterra.

  8. Hello, please is it possible to take the bicycles in the buses? Between Siena, Greve, Radda, Castellina, Panzano etc….
    Thank you for your information

  9. Ciao,
    is it possible to get from Pisa to Massa Marittima with a bus? I´d like to visit Maremma region but so far I wasn´t able to find a decent bus connection. Thank you!

    1. Massa Marittima in served by bus lines of the company Rama.
      They have connections to and for: Siena, Follonica, Grosseto, Gavorrano, Piombino and many more.
      To reach Massa Marittima first reach the station of Follonica and from there bus to Massa Marittima.

      Here direct link for the different lines and timetable of the company named above.


  10. I would like to take the bus from Florence (S.M. Novella area) to San Gimignano, then the next
    day to Siena. Then from Siena return to Florence. What are the bus lines that I take, routes and times? Grazie!

  11. In two days we are travelling from Florence to Greve and would like to know the line and timetable please. Is it Sita? Location? Cost?

  12. Hi there I am interested in traveling around Florence in October, however I am also planning to go from there to Venice by bus..

    Any suggestions about what I shouldnt miss in my vivist?

    Any suggestions about how to get from Florence to Venice one way ?

    Thank you in advace..

    1. For the route connecting Venice and Florence, there’s a partnership between SENA, Baltour, and Eurolines so you can check the timetable of these companies related to the period of your trip. They run coaches from Venice to Florence (and beyond) every day and the trip is about 5 hours one-way. Buses leave Florence a couple times a day. A one-way ticket on the bus between Venice and Florence costs around €25.

      The best option for most travelers going from Venice to Florence (or going from Florence to Venice) is to take the train. The high-speed AV trains run roughly once per hour, and the trip takes just over two hours (with no train changes required). One-way tickets in first class are €60, and second class is €43.

    1. Volterra can be reached by bus from Florence, via Poggibonsi or Colle Val d’elsa, where you can change to the Volterra service. The buses leave from the Autostazione Sita in Florence – a slower Poggibonsi service follows a winding scenic route, while Florence-Poggibonsi-Siena buses race along the fast superstrada. In Poggibonsi, get off in the piazza/square above the railway station, where you can buy tickets for the Volterra service in a bus company office or at the station bar. You can take the bus to Volterra from the station of Poggibonsi or Colle val d’Elsa.

      Here the timetable of the line Firenze- Colle val d’Elsa:


      For the Volterra bus service please visit Compagnia Pisana Trasporti


  13. Hello!
    I would like to know if there is a bus which goes from Siena to Volterra?
    And another from Siena to Bagno Vignoni?
    Do you know the price of the tickets for these trips?
    Thank you very very much for your help 🙂


    1. Here the timetable of the line to Volterra, from Siena you must change bus in Colle Val d’Elsa and from there take the bus to Volterra. On the timetable all the info.


      It’s not that easy to reach Bagno Vignoni without a car, here the timetable of a line that goes there but it does just a few stop during the day, otherwise ask the driver to leave you the nearest possible. Hope you will have the chance to see the place since it’s unique!


  14. Do you have any services to Mugello Autodrom for the MotoGP race this weekend 30th May-1st June. From Central Florence or even Borgo San Lorenzo Station or San Piero a Sieve (after catching the train) Grazie

  15. To reach the Mugello Autodrom there are two lines from Florence.

    Both two have a service to Barberino di Mugello, the town that hosts the Autodrom; once there, hopefully, shouldn’t be difficult to reach the Autodrom, anyway here the contacts for both the company and the timetable.

    Sita line 301 Firenze- Barberino di Mugello – Galliano,


    Tel : 800 373760 – 800 001311

    Autolinea CAP Firenze – Barberino di Mugello – Prato


    tel. 055 214637 – 055 294205 – 055 283770

  16. I want to go from firenze to roma, via siena and i will tour siena for one day.
    Can i go to roma from siena? I knew there is a way from firenze to siena with sita bus.
    but I couldn’t find a way to roma. And in august, should I reserve all tickets?(from firenze to siena, from siena to roma ) maybe I will go there in high season (Palio festival!!)

  17. where was gone my text?? TT

    whatever….. I want to know can i go from siena to roma?
    My plan is i will go from firenze to roma via siena. Also I will stay siena for 1day.
    So should i reserve all tickets?(from firenze to siena, from siena to roma) because i will go there in august (maybe high season).

  18. From Siena to Rome:
    This line is served by two companies:

    Company SENA: (+39 0861 554889)

    From the link above can check the timetable and all the info needed.

    Company Leonettibus, the price with this company is about 15,00€

  19. hi there,

    couple of questions, please:
    1. we need to get from florence airport to lucca – is there a bus that can take us? also, are there luggage restrictions?

    2. our home base will be lucca, and we plan on going to some villages in lucca (bagni di lucca, barga, garfagnana etc…) and farther areas such as siena, pisa, san gimignano, chianti etc… where can i find bus information (list of destinations, timetables etc).

    thanks in advance!

    1. There isn’t a direct bus from Florence Airport to Lucca. You can take a bus to Florence and from there change bus to Lucca.

      Line Firenze Airport:


      Here timetable Firenze – Lucca:


      Here some website about Lucca and public transport:



      Here some timetable about Lucca area:


  20. Another question, per favore?

    Can you recommend a bus route from Lucca to Radda in Chianti? I believe there is a bus stop 500 meters from where we’re staying (Monteraponi – 53017 Radda in Chianti).

    Grazie mille!


  21. I would like to get bus time table of Florence to Sienna. I cannot open the attachment in previous discussion. Can someone help?

  22. Please does anyone know the SITA timetable from Santa Maria Novella Train Station in Florence to Barberino del Mugello (via Calenzano)? please help!

  23. Hello would you be able to tell me how often the buses leave from Santa Maria station to Lucca? And approx. how much it would cost? Trying to google it but having trouble with everything in Italian!! Thank you 🙂

  24. We are travelling from Florence to Radda in Chianti on Sunday, July 28th. Am I right in saying we can get tickets at the bus station but that the bus does stop in Radda in Chianti on Sundays? We were planning on taking a taxi from Panzano if we must. The same appears to be the issue on the way back to Florence- do buses stop in Radda in Chianti on a return trip on Tuesday, July 30th? The timetable in Italian is a little confusing.

  25. Hi. I think the bus line map you attached is very useful.

    I have a plan to travel from siena – San Quirico – pienza and I’ll choose my accomodation

    in Chianciano Terme or Montepulciano.

    So I checked bus line and I found that I can use a bus number B23 and B22, however, there is no Pienza bus station in both bus line.

    Can I get to the Pienza by these 2 buses? And also I’d like to know the time table of those buses( B22,B23).

    Thank you!

  26. Hello,

    I would like to know whether it is possible or not to go from Florence (if possible form the airport) to Montaione ? What bus stop would be the closest? And what would be the schduled hours in August 2013?
    Thank you very much in advance for your help.

    1. From Florence there was a daily direct ride to Montaione operated by Sita, leaving from city center at 4 pm but we do not have official news, at the moment, about the confirmation on this ride.

      Otherwise you can reach Empoli, by train and from there take the bus to Montaione.

      Here the timetable from Empoli


  27. Hello i am looking for a bus from Fiorenze to Follonica? Do you know if there is a line. We are coming from Switzerland and otherwise we have to take the train from Fiorenze to Pisa and from Pisa to Follonica.

    thanks for your information

  28. I am planning to go to Radda from Florence ( two ways)
    Could you please suggest us the bus route & how much does it cost for each way?
    I check the https://www.sitabus.it/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Gaiole-in-Chianti-Firenze-via-Greve.pdf but I do not see.
    And one more thing, One the “note” row, I see sometimes the boxes are empty without any bus number (28,80….), but I still see there is a timetable underneath..I really don’t understand since this is the first time I travel to Europe.
    Would appreciate alot if you can help me explain.

      1. Thank you for your prompt answer, but now matter how I search, I can’t find any line from florence to bradda in chianti or return line.
        And I am so sorry because I do not understand what you mean by looking at the destination..I’ve made another questions as below coment. Please help me check.
        Thank you very much.
        Awaiting for your answer.

  29. Hi, I found this site: http://www.acvbus.it/orari/365.pdf
    There is line from Florence to Radda in Chianti as follows:
    25/9: From 7am to 8h15am
    Firenze to Radda: ACV bus = Autolinee Chinatee Valdarno (page 15-16)
    ACV bus No.: 40 (begin 21.7-1.9), 80 (stop from 21.7-1.9)
    150: Transita da : Z.I. Meleto
    (so is it bus no.80 that I should take since I travel to Chianti on 25 Sept?)

    And from Radda to Florence:
    26/9 : Radda to Florence: 8h50 – 10h20 – page 3 ( I wonder what the bus number is? the Note box is left empty…
    Looking forward to your answer.
    Thank you very much!

    1. Firenze – Radda. Pag 15: lines 40- 150. Bus lives at 07:00 and gets to Radda in Chianti at 08: 15

      Radda – Firenze. Page 6: The nr of the line is not shown, bus lives from Radda at 08:50 and gets to Florence at 10:20

      Anyway once you will be in Florence you can ask about bus nr or anyway ask about the destination for both the way. We don’t have more info then those you checked. I’m sorry to not be able to help you more in details.

      Here the tel nr for Busitalia Firenze Information office 055.47.821 or 800.37.37.60
      Monday- Thursday 8.30-12.30 e 13.30-17.00.
      Friday 8.30 – 12.30

  30. Hi there, We’re going to need to get to Pisa Airport from Siena on a Sunday (20 Oct). I’ve been searching for a bus that is supposed to from Siena to Pisa airport twice a day… but I can’t seem to find an actual timetable that shows the times it leave Siena. Are you able to please help? Or point me in the right direction for a bus/shuttle? We’d prefer a direct bus to having to manage a train/platform change with large pieces of luggage… grazie!

  31. Hi,

    We were just informed by the hotel, FLorence an Tuscany will be held in the world cycling road during the period of Sept 21- Sept 29. We planned to go to Siena on Sept 27 from Florence and get back to Florence on Sept 28 by Sita Bus and now are worring about if the bus will be afftected by the events. Very appreciated if you can help with the updated info.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Best Regards,

  32. Hi,
    I will be staying in Panzano in Chianti next April/May and would like to visit Venice while there. Is it possible to get a bus or train between the two places in one day or should we overnight in Venice and then come back the next day. If that latter is best option who is best to approach re accommodation for the night – 3 bedroom apartment say?

  33. Olá, gostaria de fazer o trecho : firenze, San giminiano, volterra, pisa de ônibus . Que ônibus posso pegar? Aguardo seu retorno urgente!

  34. I am having difficulty finding a bus timetable from Florence to Lucca and return. The website VAI is not of any use nor a few others I have tried. I also believe the bus depot is no longer in P Adua Florence. Can anyone help with a link which will open? Thanks October 2013

  35. Thank you Shina. Success.
    I would now like to know which bus company travels from Florence to Arezzo. Where in Florence the bus leaves from and a timetable link please. Thanks again

    1. The best way to reach Arezzo from Florence is by train, there are several train leaving from Stazione Santa Maria Novella to Arezzo.

  36. I also meant to ask does the bus from Florence to Arezzo stop in the town itself or do you need to take another bus into the city? Thanks

    1. Line Firenze – Assisi, company Sulga
      Leaving from Assisi ( P.zza San Pietro) at 07:00 am, stopping in Perugia at 07:30, arriving in Firenze at 09.30
      Leaving from Firenze ( p.zza Adua, Station Santa Maria Novella) at 08:00 pm, stopping in Perugia at 08:00 pm, arriving in Assisi ( P.zza San Pietro) at 08:30 pm
      Booking the day before at the nr: 800099661.

      To reach Pisa, from Firenze, there are several lines every day, company Sita, leaving from Via Santa Caterina da Siena, the journey lasts roughly 1h and 45 m.

  37. Hi there
    Sorry for disturbing again

    Is it possible to arrive Cortona from Arezzo on Monday?
    And if yes, could you give me the timetable and the number of the bus?

    thank you so much and sorry for bothering twice

  38. Ciao! Sarò a Bologna il 5 maggio. Da lì ho bisogno di Siena. Il modo migliore per arrivare? Quando sarà l’orario degli autobus per maggio? Grazie.

    1. Ciao, ci sono delle corse da bologna a Siena ma l’orario a maggio potrebbe cambiare. Prova a riscriverci presto, magari avremo anche gli orari per la primavera 2014.

  39. Hello,
    Is there any bus which is going directly from Siena to Piombino starting from June? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Ola.
      The line Siena – Piombino is active from the last weekend of May to the first weekend of September.
      The line is only on request:
      – 800 922 984 toll-free number by telephone
      – 199 168 182 by mobile

      The 2014 timetable has not yet been published.
      Here 2013 depliant: https://www.sitabus.it/?attachment_id=1686

      Have a nice holiday.
      La redazione declina ogni responsabilità riguardo eventuali ritardi.
      The editorial staff is not responsible for any delays.

  40. Hi Sitabus,

    I am planning to explore Tuscany on Sunday, 20th July. I am staying in Montepulciano. Is there any bus to anywhere in Tuscany on Sunday? Thanks in advance!

      1. Hi Monica, if it’s not too much trouble, could you provide me a list of available buses or the bus schedule for Sunday? Thank you in advance.

        1. Hi Teresa.
          From Montepulciano to Pienza, San Quirico (val d’Orcia) e Siena you need the bus line 112. Unfortunately, this line doesn’t pass on Sunday.
          To Montalcino you need to change bus in Torrenieri and take the line 114 (112+114). Line 114 pass on Sunday. On sunday you should reach Torrenieri with private transport.

          You can use another sunday line: F_T4B to Chianciano and Chiusi.

          Feriale = Mon-Sat
          Festivo = holidays and sunday

          112 A
          112 R
          114 A
          114 R
          F_T4B A
          F_T4B R

          Have a nice journey.

          La redazione declina ogni responsabilità riguardo eventuali ritardi.
          The editorial staff is not responsible for any delays.

  41. Does SITA still run hourly buses between Arezzo and Sansepolcro? A link to the schedule would be very helpful.


    1. Hi.
      Etruria Mobilità serves the connection Arezzo Sansepolcro:
      BAAS Arezzo Anghiari Sansepolcro
      SI381 Arezzo Sansepolcro (Città di castello Lerchi)

      Baschetti company:
      Baschetti-Arezzo Sansepolcro Milano Marittima Rimini Riccione-riviera-adriatica-2014

      Have a nice journey.

      La redazione declina ogni responsabilità riguardo eventuali ritardi.
      The editorial staff is not responsible for any delays.

  42. Could you please tell me the timetable for the route from firenza to San Donatto in Collina. The landlord asked me to use this route on suburban bus but I cannot find the timetable and I need to know the first and the last buses from and to Firenze.


  43. Hi – I have a question… Sept 10 I’m planning to get from Volterra to Siena via Colle Val d’Elsa. Where can I get the timetable? I would like to spend some time in Colle Val d’Elsa, does the timetable allow it? Grazie.

  44. Hi, I have a question.
    I want to visit Monteriggioni on September 2nd.
    Could you tell me how can I get there?
    I’m planning to go there from Firenze, Or from siena if I have to.

    1. Hi.
      To reach Monteriggioni from Florence you need 2 lines with change. I suggest you to reach Monteriggioni from Siena.


      Have a nice journey.

      La redazione declina ogni responsabilità riguardo eventuali ritardi.
      The editorial staff is not responsible for any delays.

  45. I will be arriving in Sansepolcro by bus from Arezzo but am unsure as to where to get off the bus. Is the bus station close to the old town? Which bus stop would be best/closest to the main square.

    Also would it be best to by a return ticket in Arezzo or to buy a single ticket for each journey?

    Many thanks for reading this

    1. The bus station (Autostazione) is in Via Marconi (Ang. Viale Diaz). It is near the old town.
      I suggest you a return ticket. If you can’t find it, buy two tickets.

      Have a nice journey.

      La redazione declina ogni responsabilità riguardo eventuali ritardi.
      The editorial staff is not responsible for any delays.

  46. Hi, the ‘carta servizi’ on the Siena mobilita website mentions a b23 service between Firenze and Bagni San Filippo. Is there a timetable anywhere for this?

    Or if I get the train to chianchiano terme are there regular buses that go to Bagni San Filippo?


  47. Hi, could you tell me which bus can get to Panzano in Chianti from Firenze Train Station? did they easy to wait? and how to buy the ticket?

    I’m not local people, and frist travel to Firenze, Thank you help me.

    1. Hi.
      You need the line 365 Gaiole-Firenze.
      Tickets can be purchased at bars, tobacconists and newsagents.

      Have a nice journey. 🙂
      La redazione declina ogni responsabilità riguardo eventuali ritardi.
      The editorial staff is not responsible for any delays.

  48. Hello! What is the best way to get to Panzano from florence by bus? Then from Panzano to Greve, then Greve to Greti, then Greti back to Florence? 🙂 i will be traveling on a Tuesday in October. Thanks!!

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