Verona airport: connections





Verona-Villafranca airport is situated 12 km from Verona.

  • Verona airport – Verona

Buses ATV (Azienda Trasporti Verona) connects the airport and Verona train station Porta Nuova every day in  15 minutes. One ticket costs 6,00 EUR. Tickets can be bought online on the official website of ATV, on board (without additional charges) and in ticket offices at the airport and at the train station.


From Verona train station buses leave at 5.15, 6.10, 6.30 e 6.50 and then every 20 minutes till  23.10.
From the airport buses leave at 5.35, 6.30, 6.50 e 7.10 and then every 20 minutes till 23.30.

Timetable (from  12.09.2016): Airport – Verona train station



If you are interested in how to get to other cities of Veneto from Verona, you can check it here: Verona: bus connections


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