Amalfi Coast – connections

amalfi cost sitaBelow  a list of companies that serve connection services to and from the Amalfi Coast.

To reach the Amalfi Coast is quite easy, there are lines connecting daily, usually first has to be reached Salerno and / or Sorrento and then from there is easier to move to  the other destinations. We report, in addition, information about active lines from Rome, Naples Airport (Capodichino) and Naples City Center.

From April 7, 2014 tariff system UNICO COSTIERA is available.


Salerno – Amalfi

The company Sita sud gives connection service leaving near the railway station of Salerno, in Via Vinciprova. The journey takes about 75 minutes and costs € 3.40. Tickets can be purchased at all retailers and should be stamped on board.

For timetables: Salerno – Amalfi.

For more information refer to the company’s SitaSud


Napoli – Amalfi

For timetables and more information visit the page: Naples Amalfi.


Sorrento – Amalfi

The bus service is carried out by the company Sita Sud, the departure is from Piazza Giovanni Battista De Curtis in Sorrento, near the station of Circumvesuviana of Sorrento. The ride lasts about an hour and a half and the cost of the ticket is of  €6.80.

For timetables: Sorrento – Amalfi.

For more information refer to the company’s SitaSud


Naples Capodichino Airport – Naples – Salerno

Naples Capodichino Airport – Salerno


Naples Capodichino Airport – Naples – Sorrento

Naples Capodichino Airport – Sorrento


Connection  Rome – Amalfi, via Sorrento

The Marozzi Bus Journeys company carries out the ride from Rome to Amalfi.

The departure from Rome is at the bus station of Tiburtina Railway Station. Tickets can be purchased at the bus station Tiburtina. The cost is € 21,50 each way and € 37,50 for round-trip ticket. The journey time is approximately 5 hours.

The departure from Rome Tiburtina station is at 07:00 am, stops in: Pompei (How to reach Pompeii), Herculaneum (How to reach Herculaneum), Castellammare di Stabia, Vico Equense, Sorrento, Positano, Praiano and Amalfi.

The departure from Amalfi is at 15:25 and arrives in  Roma Tiburtina station at 21:00.

For more information refer to the company’s Marozzi Bus Journeys

Airport Naples Capodichino – connections

Airport Naples Capodichino

Below  a list of the companies that operate connection services to and from Naples Capodichino Airport and Naples city center, Salerno and Sorrento

Map Airport Naples Capodichino

 Airport Naples Capodichino – Naples city center

Here are some information about lines connecting Naples Airport Capodichino and the city center.

– Alibus

Alibus connects Naples International Airport to the railway station in Piazza Garibaldi and the Port in Piazza Municipio.

The company provides a daily service, including holidays, with a frequency of 20 minutes.  The ride lasts about 20 minutes to Piazza Garibaldi and about 30 minutes to Piazza Municipio. The first departure from the Airport is at 06:30, the last around 23:30. From 01.08.16 tickets cost 4 EUR and it is possible to buy them in the authorized sales points or on board without any extra charges.  Here you can check adresses of the ticket sales points: ticket sales points, Alibus

For more information and pdf timetables, please visit:  Alibus


C68 P.zza Carlo III – Via Ruffo di Calabria (outside airport)



 Naples Capodichino Airport – Salerno

– Buonocore group
The ride from the Airport of Naples Capodichino to Salerno and vice versa takes about 65 minutes. The rides are made from Friday to Saturday, excluding Sundays and holidays. The ticket, which costs about € 4.00 each way, can be purchased directly on board.

The departure from Naples is in the departure area (see the map at the top of the page). In Salerno will be done 5 different stops.
Download here pdf timetables: Capodichino-Salerno (last update 25/01/2016).

For more information, please visit the website of the company: Buonocore – group

– Sita
Sita bus 5000 have some bus stops in Capodichino Airport:  5000 Naples Salerno
Line 5002: 5002 Naples Salerno

– Cosat
See the line to Battipaglia.

See the line to Serre.


 Naples Capodichino Airport – Sorrento

– Curreri Viaggi

The ride from Naples Airport to Sorrento takes about 75 minutes; the buses run every day, holidays included. The departure from Naples’ Airport is in the departure area and tickets, costing € 10.00 per way, can be purchased on board. There are 8 rides per day;  the first leaving at 09:00 and the last leaving at 19:30.

Download timetables Naples Capodichino – Sorrento (valid until 15 Nov 2016)

Bus stops:

  • POMPEI SCAVI (Hotel Vittoria) (How to reach Pompeii)
  • CASTELLAMMARE DI STABIA (Hospital Villa Stabia)
  • META
  • SORRENTO (Train Station)

For more information, please visit the website of the company: Curreriviaggi


 Naples Capodichino Airport – Avellino

– AIR Autoservizi Irpini
AIR connects Naples Airport and Avellino Piazza Kennedy. It spends about one hour. The first departure from the Airport is at 05:50, the last around 23:40. One departure about every hour.


 Naples Capodichino Airport – Benevento

EAV bus
Dowload here pdf timetables EAV Naples Benevento.
To reach Benevento by train you have to go in Naples Central Station.


 Naples Capodichino Airport – Battipaglia

Dowload here pdf timetables Cosat Napoli Battipaglia. It pass through Salerno.

See the line to Serre.


 Naples Capodichino Airport – Caserta

– Capua ATC
Dowload here pdf timetables ATC Napoli Caserta Capua.


 Naples Capodichino Airport Serre

Dowload here pdf timetables CSTP Napoli Salerno Battipaglia Eboli Serre.


 Naples Capodichino Airport – Potenza

– Liscio
Dowload here pdf timetables Liscio Capodichino Potenza. It costs 8.10€.