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Below is the search engine to find the timetable of the Sita buses

More info:

  1. BuSITAlia serves the North-Central of Italy
  2. Sita Sud serves the South

Sita Official Timetables

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103 thoughts on “Official Sita Timetables

  • Sammar Herrera

    HI, Need to go from Foggia to Monte Sant’Angelo, im traveling on aprl 26, please help me with times and if you have the bus.

  • Argo Yanuar


    I need to go to Pietrapertosa from Potenza on 23 September and from Pietrapertosa back to Potenza on 24 September. Could you help me with the timetable? How to get to the bus station from Potenza Centrale Train Station?

    Thank you

    • Monica

      Hi, Argo.
      Sita company doesn’t connect directly Potenza and Pietrapertosa. Fratelli Renna company can do this connection.

  • Nonna09

    When will the 2015 bus schedules be available? Are there buses from Rome to Venice and from Venice to Cava de Tirreni? What is the current price in euros?

  • Fauve Poncelet

    I need to get from Rovigo to Chioggia on the 2nd of september around 7 PM.
    Wich bus can I take and could you help me with the timetable please?

    Thank you!

  • rise

    Monica, I need the Sita schedule for Sunday October 19, 2014 from Florence to Siena. How long is the trip, and is there an express bus?
    Do I buy tickets at the Sita station in Florence?
    Thank you so much.

  • kamal

    Hi Monica,

    Is there a Sita bus from Rome to Sorrento (or Salerno/Positano)? if not, would there be bus service from Napoli to these places. Also, if these routes are available in December (around 10th), how to pre-book tickets?

    I would appreciate any help on the matter.

    Best regards,

    • Monica

      Hi kamal,
      Marozzi company do the bus service from Rome (Tiburtina Station) to Sorrento. It is available in December.

      Have a nice journey.

      La redazione declina ogni responsabilità riguardo eventuali ritardi.
      The editorial staff is not responsible for any delays.

  • Nhím Xù

    Hello,we have two persons. We will go from airport Venise, Marco Polo to Hotel Giotto(P.I. 03935120281 pl. Pontecorvo, 33, 35121 Padova, Italia) on 06/07/2015, around 17P.M .
    Would you please give me the timetable and cost of tickets? Can I buy ticket online because I need a facture?

    • Monica

      Here you can find the timetables from VENEZIA AEROPORTO MARCO POLO TESSERA to PADOVA AUTOSTAZIONE:
      Cost € 8,50 (€ 10,00 on board).

      It isn’t possible to buy ticket online.

      Have a nice journey.
      La redazione declina ogni responsabilità riguardo eventuali ritardi.
      The editorial staff is not responsible for any delays.

  • Cintia Ally

    Hi! Need help finding a way back to Naples after spending the day in the Amalfi Coast. All the info I keep seeing goes back to Naples early in the day but we want to stay for dinner. Help please?

  • Marianne Carolan

    We are looking to go from Naples airport to Maiori. Can you attach a timetable for this route please, and does it depart the airport after 20:00 hrs?


  • Christelle Escallier Hellbrunn

    could you tell me how to go from Brindisi Airport to San Pietro in Bevagna (on the 10th of august around 9h30 am) and the way back (on the 30th of august )?
    Thank you very much for your help!

  • Anastasiya Morozova

    Hi! The most important question is whether we can travel with a dog in a bus? He’s a small pomeranian and will be in a dog bag.
    If yes, did I find it right that we can travel from Naples to Conca dei Marini (June 15) and then from Conca dei Marini to Maiori (June 17) by SITA? And also, what would be the best way to get from Maiori to Rome (June 20)?

    • sita_admin Post author

      Small dogs are accepted onboard but with muffle and lead or a proper container to avoid issues with other passengers. For the bus connection you can find more details at the following page: Naples Amalfi or make a request in the forum.

  • Ivan Su

    Your drivers on amalfi coast don’t respect people. They refuse to stop on the road between cities to pick up passengers. Tried twice today around 10 am between Minori and Amalfi and they didn’t stop.

    • sita_admin Post author

      I am sorry for what happen but our bus drivers can stop only on the designated bus stops. Where you waiting on one of them?


    Please advise timetable for below destinations in June:
    1. Napoli to Salerno or Amalfi
    2. Salerno to Matera
    3. Matera to Alberobello
    4. Alberobello to Bari

  • Christine TARAKANOV

    Sono francese et vorrei andare da Napoli a Agerola Bomerano (sentiero dei dei) in agosto,
    Ho trovato la linea 5080 ma dove è il capolinea di Napoli ?
    Gli orari sono validi in agosto (vorrei partire di Napoli 8:05 per arrivare a Bomerano 9:50) ?
    Come comprare i biglietti ? Posso usare la Artecard Campania o devi pagare separamente ?

  • Cristina Barrientos

    Hi, I will be in Sorrento next 8 of june. I would like to know if would be better to stay in Sorrento for use Sitabus and go to visit Positano, Amalfi,Ravello, Maiori…. Or if it is the same thing to sleep in Maiori and make the tour from Maiori to the other villages,
    Thanks !!

    • sita_admin Post author

      Dear Cristina, your question is really a matter of taste. It depends what you like the most. I would suggest you to pick the place you like the most.

  • Juergen

    what do the letters N and L on the bus schedule mean? Can I travel with the S -school bus?
    When iIs the Ticket shop in Salerno open?

    • sita_admin Post author

      Hi Juergen, the N means “not school days”, the L means “Monday to Friday” and S is “school days” and you can travel on it.

  • Vincenzo Rossi

    Good morning,
    I need to go from Rome to Villa D’Agri on 18 June 2019. What is the best route for me?


  • Diana Rickard

    Hi I took the Sorrento bus to Positano today and left my book bag white nike in the overhead around 13:25 and got off at the Chiesa Nuova stop

    • sita_admin Post author

      Dear Diana, we are sorry to acknowledge it. You could contact directly the office here:
      Via G.Pastore, 28/30 – 84131 Salerno
      Ufficio Informazioni Tel: 342 6256442
      Info: [email protected]

  • Ahmed bahaa

    I was in Sorrento today with my wife and we took a bus to positano at about 11 am the driver was very rude with us and treated us as second class-tourist we asked him to get down in positano and because it is our first time there we did not know that there are 2 stops for positano when he dropped us off in the first stop no body from the bus dropped off with us so we realized that we should ride again to the next stop and there were many passengers waiting the bus in this stop and all of them ride the bus at time we dropped off and when we tried to ride again he refused and said that bus is full!!!!! In a very poor English language actually he hardly speaks English he was really so rude at that moment one passenger in the front seat was watching the problem asked me do u want to get up again ??
    I said yes at the moment this rude driver was closing the bus door few seconds later after all the passengers in the bus talked to him he opened the door again and we rode the bus!!!
    So my question is are we a second class tourist to refuse my request and respond to others about me????
    Was the bus full and then all of the sudden it had a space for two???
    I took a photo for the bus showing the bus number and a photo for the driver too i need a compensation regarding this very embarrassing situation I’m waiting your reply on my mail to send you the attachment of these document if you do not follow this complaint seriously i will explore the issue intensively on Facebook and all social media

    • sita_admin Post author

      Dear Ahmed, thank you for sharing the experience that it is regrettable. Unfortunately tough if you wish to bring this forward you should contact the company and not this site (It’s an unofficial site).

      You can contact them here:

      Via G.Pastore, 28/30 – 84131 Salerno
      Tel: 089 3866701 – Fax: 089 3856494
      Ufficio Informazioni Tel: 342 6256442
      Info: [email protected]

  • ianka Mitchell

    I need to go from Florence to the “Pineta Bar” in Barberino Val d’Elsa on Saturday august 17th ARRIVING before 15:00

    please provide me with bus/route number and the departure times and location asap. I can’t book my train travel without this information.

    Thank you.

  • Liana


    where can I see some information about the bus to Greve in Chianti/Panzano via STRADA?
    Which bus I need to use and where can I see the timetable?

    Thank you.

  • Angel

    Hola. Desde Sorrento hay un punto de inicio de recorrido, lo que asegura subirte y tener asiento. Subir en los puntos intermedios no te asegura nada de eso. Creo que Sita bus tiene inicio de recorrido en Sorrento hacia Amalfi, tambien en Amalfi hacia Sorrento y hacia Salerno y en Salerno. Tiene otros puntos de inicio ? Gracias y Saludos.

  • Gene Fuson

    We are interested in taking the bus from Padova to Chioggia and return the same day.
    We would be leaving Padova on Sunday April 19th. and returning the same day.
    Is it possible to do this trip by bus???????
    Thank You,

  • John Gatt


    On Sunday 10th November 2019, I need to go to Monte Sant Angelo from San Giovanni Rotondo and back in early afternoon. Is that possible? If so, from where can I get the bus and at what times? How long would it take to arrive at Monte Sant Angelo from SGR and how much would it cost?

    Thank you


    • sita_admin Post author

      Dear Alicia, the best solution is to get to Venezia (Mestre) train station and from there take a train to Verona. At the moment there is not a direct bus in between Verona and Treviso Airport. Regards.

  • Ya

    we want to know the Amalfi cost, and where we can buy the tickets. We saw some videos about and is not clear it.

    We are planning to go between June 26 and 30.


    • sita_admin Post author

      Dear Ya, you can buy the tickets usually from Bar/Tobacconist close to the bus stop. In case you can buy on board but you will be charged an extra fee.

  • Angie Brown

    I will be on a cruise in June. I would like to use the SITA bus at via Nuova Marina to get to Pompeii, since it is a short walk from the port. Can you send me the bus schedule and price? Thank you!

  • Daniele

    sto cercando gli orari da Napoli Capodichino per Salerno il venerdi.

    Dagli orari che ho trovato mi sembra ci sia solo una corsa la mattino.

    E’ pssibile?


    • sita_admin Post author

      Dear Giovanni, you can go and buy the tickets on-board (with an extra fee) or from the re-sellers (Bar/Tabacconist).

      Please let us know if we can help further.


  • engracia

    Hi! can you please give me the schedules of Sita bus from loggia to san Giovanni rotunda? is there a bus that leaves Foggia to san Giovanni rotunda every hour? how about the bus schedules from san Giovanni rotunda to santuario di san Michele? and is there a bus from san Giovanni rotunda to Bari Airport? how long is the trip? thanks!

  • Robert C.

    Hi, I’m having a hard time finding any bus maps or timetables on this website. Can anyone tell me what the best way to travel from Florence to Carmignano? In June my family will be vacationing at a villa in Carmignano for a few days and we’ll be traveling to and from Florence a few times. The villa’s owner said there is a bus stop near us. Thanks.

    • sita_admin Post author

      Dear Robert, is the villa in Carmignano in the province of Prato? The trip will require changing the buses few times and the line is not managed by SitaBus. Anyway I understand your confusion and if you confirm that the location is Carmignano (and not some place around) I can try to provide more help. Regards.

  • Janet Cirone Elliott

    Hello, I am planning to be in Pompeii this June. Do you have a bus that leaves Pompeii and goes to Teggiano? My father’s family came from Teggiano and I would love to visit that town. Thank you, Janet

    • sita_admin Post author

      Hello Janet, apologies for the delay. The best way is to go to Sala Consilina fron Salerno. Please note that the whole trip may take more than 5 hours.