Bologna Central Station: connections


Bologna Central Station is the most important station in Bologna. At the station you can find ticket offices, information center, bars and different shops. The station is opened 24 hours per day, whilst ticket offices are open from 6 to 21.00. Tickets can be also bought in self service machines.

  • Trains

Around 800 trains pass the station every day. There are national and international trains operated by Trenitalia and regional trains operated by Tper. With train, it is possible to arrive to Rome in 2 hours and a half, in only 30 minutes to Florence. In addition to this, there are trains at high speed  (that is SFM – il servizio ferroviario metropolitano). There are  8 lines (S1A, S1B, S2A, S2B, S3, S4A, S4B, S5). A Map.


  • Bus

Bologna Central Station is served by 2 lines of trolley buses and various urban and extra urban buses operated by Tper. As for trolley buses, there are two lines that stop in Bologna Central Station: lines 32 and 33.

Timetable (from 15 th of September to 7th of June 2017):

line 32

line 33

What is more, near the train station stops Aerobus of TPER company (that is Trasporto Passeggeri Emilia-Romagna) that connects Bologna Airport with Bologna Central train station every day. The average journey time is 20 minutes, the interval between buses is 11 minutes. The bus stops also in Pontelungo and in Ospedale Maggiore. The tickets cost 6 EUR, children don’t have to buy tickets if they are less than 1 meter high. Tickets can be bought in the ticket machines at the airport or at the train station of Bologna or in the ticket offices of  TPER.

You can check the timetable here (from 15.09.16 to 07.06.17): Bologna airport – Bologna train station


Palermo Central Train Station


Palermo train station is situated on the Giulio Cesare square just in the middle of the city center.  Every day through the train station pass around 250 trains.

  • Trains

Palermo Central train station offers various trains, operated by Trenitalia. For example, in 2001 Trenitalia has started to use Trinacria express to connect Palermo airport with the Central Train station. The average journey time is just 45 minutes. The price is 5,80 EUR. The first train leaves at 5 in the morning, the last one at – 22. It is possible to buy tickets on the official website of Trentitalia, in the ticket offices or at the travel agencies.

  • Metro

What is more, there is a small metro operated by Trentitalia. There are 3 lines: LINE A: Palermo Central train Station – Airport, LINE B: Notarbartolo-Giachery (only from Monday to Saturday) and line C: Palermo Central train Station -Termini Imerese. Tickets cost 1,50 EUR. Please note that tickets for buses of AMAT company are not valid for the metro.

Timetable (12th of  June – 10th of December 2016):

Line A

Line B

Line C:

Palermo Centrale – Termini Imerese

Termini Imerese – Palermo Centrale


  • Buses

Close to the train station, is situated the bus stop for AMAT buses. A ticket costs 1,40€. Please note that in Palermo buses often arrive late. There is also a bus for Palermo airport. The bus company Prestia e Comandè offers such connections every day. Average journey time is 50 minutes. One way tickets cost  € 6,30 (€11 – two ways tickets).  Buses operate from 4 a.m. till the midnight. Buses operate every day including holidays. It is possible to buy tickets on the bus, in the ticket offices or on-line on the official website of the company.

Timetable: Prestia e Comandè: Airport– Palermo (from 01/01/2014 to 31/12/2016)




Florence train station: connections


The train station Santa Maria Novella is a central train station of Florence. At the train station you can find different bars, newspaper kiosks, banks, etc. Everyday 160 000 passengers use the station.

Train connections to/from Florence train station include regional, national, Intercity and Eurostar trains. The station is situated rather close to the bus stop: Autostazione Sita Firenze.


  • Trains

There are 16 binaries. Florence train station offers trains of every category, operated by Trenitalia, to travel in Italy. For example, it is easy to reach Florence from such popular cities as Rome, Naples, Venice and Milan. What is more, from Florence it is easy to reach Siena. There are  31 direct trains that connect two cities. The first train leaves from Siena to Florence at 05:00 a.m., whilst the last train leaves at 21:26. Average journey time is one hour. The price is 9,10 EUR.


  • Buses

As was said before, the station is situated rather close to the bus terminal: Autostazione Sita Firenze. The bus terminal is in Via Santa Caterina, 17. There are different buses that connect Florence with other cities in Toscany. From this bus terminal leave buses to Siena. The bus company Tiemme Spa offers line Siena Florence and offers 2 possibilities: one rapid bus line (131R) that takes  1h 15min and one normal bus line (131O) that takes 1h 35min. For more information: Siena – Florence: connections.




Siena railway station

La Stazione di Siena, situata in piazza Carlo Rosselli nella foto: piazza Carlo Rosselli e fontane

Siena railway station is situated on Carlo Rosselli square. The railway station is not big, there are 7 platforms in total. At the station there are tickets offices for both trains and buses, newspaper kiosk, bar. Just in front of the station there is a shopping mall and the University of Siena for foreigners/ l’Universita di Siena per gli Stranieri.

universita di stranieri

  • Trains

There are national and regional trains that connect Siena with different cities of Toscana and other regions of Italy. For example, it is easy to reach Florence by train. Every day leaves 31 trains that connect two cities. The first train to Florence from Siena leaves at 05:00, whilst the last one at  21:26 (during weekdays). The average journey time is one hour. The price is 9,10 EUR. What is more, from the train station of Siena it is also possible to reach Roma Termini. There are 21 trains each day that connect two cities. The first train to Rome from Siena leaves at  05:43, the last one – at 20:24 (weekdays). The average journey time is 3 hours and 30 minutes. You need to do 1 change. Tickets cost from 18 EUR.


  • Buses

In Siena there are 3 bus companies that connect Siena with different cities of Toscana (such as Pisa, Arezzo, Grossetto, Piombino, Florence and so on) and with cities of other regions of Italy: TIEMME SpA, BUSITALIA – SITA Nord and SIENA Mobilità. There are two main bus terminals: railway train station and piazza Gramsci, that is situated in the city center. Usually buses stop in both of them, but it is better to verify that with a driver. Siena station is situted just 2 km from city center. From the station it take only 5 minutes to get to the city center; buses leave regularly or to piazza Gramsci or to per piazza del Sale. Tickets can be bought on the bus (with some extra charges) or in the selling points (such as bars, newspaper kiosks, tabaccherie). Urban tickets cost around 1 EUR.


What is more, from the Siena railway station leave Baltour buses to Rome. These buses stops at the railway station and in Piazza Gramsci. Tickets cost around 9 EUR. There are 12 buses per day that connect two cities. Average journey time is 3 hours. Buses arrive to Roma Tiburtina. What is more, there are buses  BusShuttle, operated by Tiemme (in collaboration with SIT and ByBus), that connect Siena with Fiumicino Airprot. There are 3 buses per day, both during weekdays and during holidays. It is necessary to book tickets beforehand. Average journey time is 3 hours. These buses also stop in  the port of Civitavecchia (on request). You can check the timetable, stops and tarifs here: Siena Roma Fiumicino


Please note that buses to Florence from Siena and vice versa stop in via Tozzi, that is in the city center NOT at the railway station of Siena. For more information: Florence Siena buses.


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Napoli Centrale railway station


Napoli Centrale railway station is the main railway station in Naples. It is located next to Piazza Garibaldi. Under Napoli Centrale there is the metro station that is called Stazione Piazza Garibaldi (Garibaldi Piazza station), it is served by the metropolitan trains of the line 2.

Piazza Garibaldi
  • Treni

Napoli Centrale railway station is connected by verious trains of Trenitalia and EAV (Ente Autonomo Volturno). For example, there are direct trains to and from Rome and to and from Salerno. In addition to this there is Circumvesuviana train station. Circumvesuviana is a railway operating services in the East of the Naples metropolitan area, managed  by EAV . The Circumvesuviana network is 142 km long, it covers around 96 stations and provides services to the important tourist destinations such as Pompeii (How to reach Pompeii) and Herculaneum (how to reach Herculaneum).


  • Autobus

Napoli Centrale railway station offers numerous bus lines that connect different areas of Naples and the province. To move around the city, it is possible to use buses operated by  ANM, Azienda Napoletana Mobilità.

In addition to this, there are also buses Alibus that connect Napoli Centrale with Capodichino Airport. Average journey time is only 20 minutes.


  • Metro

As was mentioned before, under Napoli Centrale railway station there is the metro station line 2 that is called Stazione Piazza Garibaldi (Garibaldi Piazza station). Line 2 is operated by Trenitalia SpA. The line starts operate at 5.20 and finishes at 23.20. Trains arrive with frequency of 8 minutes.

Beside this, Napoli Centrale is connected with line 1 of Naples metro through a passage. Line 1 is operated by ANM, Azienda Napoletana Mobilità. From Piscinola first train leaves at 6.00 and from Garibaldi – at 6.20. As for the last train, from Piscinola a train leaves at 22.29 and from Garibaldie – at 23.02.

Timetable workdays:

06.00 – 07.00  Frequency is 12′

07.00 – 21.30 Frequency is  9′

from 21.30 Frequency is 12′

Timetable holidays:

06.00 – 07.00 Frequency is 12′

07.00 – 21.30  Frequency is 10′

from 21.30  Frequency is 12′

Friday and Saturday
The last train from Piscinola is at 00.48, from Garibaldi – at 1.32
*extensions are stopped till 03.09.2016

Napoli metro map

Passage from Napoli Centrale to the metro


Rome Naples: train connections

golfo napoli

In order to arrive from Naples to Rome by the means of public transport, it is possible to use the bus or the train. You can check here how to get to Naples from Rome by bus: Rome Naples: bus connections.

As for the train there are two options: Italotreno and Trenitalia . The average journey time is 2 hours.

  • Italotreno

You can check the timetable of Italotreno here (from 12.06.16 to 10.12.16)*:Italotreno Rome Naples

*Before the depature always check the timetable on the official websote of ITALOTRENO.IT or at travel agencies.
  • Trenitalia

The first train to Napoli Centrale leaves from Roma Termini at 05.36, the last one at  22.40. The first train to Roma Termini leaves Napoli Centrale at 04.04, the  last one at  22.50.

You can check the timetable and book the tickets on the official website of Trenitalia.