Capri Beaches

A crowded beach in Capri

Capri is not famous for its beaches but for its beauty. So we would not suggest going there just for the beaches but if you around the crystalline water and the atmosphere may be deserving a nice sun bath.

Needed to say, do not expect sandy long beaches easy to access but mostly overcrowded tiny stretches of pebbles mixed with sand. Also most of them are private and it will cost you in between 10€ to 30€ to access to the seafront and beach. So be ready to pay for it.

Capri Beach Maps
Capri Beach Maps

Marina Grande Beach

The Marina Grande beach is the easiest to reach and access (Free). It is located just beside the port (After the ticket office for the high speed ferry) so it can get very busy in the summer months.
The water is clean and the amenities (Shop, Toilets, Etc..) are very close.

  • Child Friendly
  • Disabled accessible
  • Free
Marina Grande Capri

Palazzo a Mare Beach

The Palazzo a Mare beach is on the same side of the island of Capri of the Marina Grande beach. You can reach it by boat, foot or shuttle. It is located near the Paolino Restaurant and a beach club. It is the pebble beach on the side of the sandy beach belonging to the beach club Bagni Tiberio.

  • Child Friendly
  • Free access

I Faraglioni Beach

The Faraglioni are a two rock formation that are one of the symbol of Capri. At the bottom there are two beach club with all amenities (Toilet, Restaurants, Bar…).

There is not a real beach here but the rocky shoreline finish in the sea. You can access to the sea or jumping in the water or walking down a narrow stair. This beach isnot kids friendly.

You can reach this beach following the footpath from the Punta Tragara scenic overlook, or you can arrive with a boat from Marina Piccola. This is a great spot for couples.

Before you venture we suggest to book a spot, often they are fully booked in the high season.

  • Private beach (Cost of access around 20€)
  • child unfriendly
  • Paid Access
Faraglioni Beach (La Fontelina)

Marina Piccola Beach

This beach is located at the opposite side from the Marina Grande Beach (See map).
The beach is a sandy stretch from which you can look at the Faraglioni. The waters are calm, clear and usually warmer than other beaches. You can reach this beach by foot, taxi or boat

  • child-friendly
  • free access
Marina Piccola Capri
Marina Piccola Capri

NLG – Navigazione Libera del Golfo

NLG Traghetti

In the last 80 years the NLG, Navigazione Libera del Golfo (NLG), has operated in the Gulf of Naples ferrying passengers to the island of Capri, Sorrento and Amalfi and the coast of Positano.

Moreover, since the 1970s NLG has expanded with the creation of lines of collagation with the Tremiti islands in the Adriatic Sea.

Contact: +39081 552 07 63 – info [@] – customercare [@]

Many routes are not available during the winter time, here are the available routes:
Naples – Capri
Naples – Sorrento

How long is the ferry ride from Salerno to Capri?

Ferry NLG Salerno Capri

The ferry from Salerno to Capri (both ways) connects Italy mainland around the Gulf of Napoli to the island of Capri.

The route is, at the moment, operated by two ferry companies that provide you with a good schedule and some price choice.

The NLG service runs up to seven times per week with a duration of 1 hour 30 minutes (Circa) while the Alilauro service runs up to fourteen times per week with a duration of around 1 hr 45 min.

The small difference in the journey duration of fifteen minutes (15) is mainly due the type of ferries and companies choices but the comfort and safety are similar.

For detailed information you can visit the NLG or Alilauro page.

Ports of Naples: connections

Veduta del Golfo di Napoli

In the following article we are going to look at how to get to the ports of Naples. There are 4 ports in Naples. The most popular ones are Molo Beverello  and Calata Porta di Massa that are situated close to each other.  The majority of ferries leave from these ports of Naples to Ischia, for example. Other two ports are Mergellina and Porto di Pozzuoli.

  • Beverello and Calata Porta di Massa

These ports have the biggest passanger traffic in Naples. Molo Beverello is considered to be the one of the biggest port in the Mediterranean and the biggest one in Naples. To Ischia from Beverello leave only hydrofoils. From Calata Porta di Massa only ferries. The free bus connects daily Beverello and Calata Porta di Massa.

Naples airportMolo Beverello and Calata Porta di Massa

The most convenient way to reach these ports is by bus Alibus.The bus also stops at the Central Train Station of Naples — Napoli Centrale. Tickets can be bought on bus and in the ticket office in the airport.  Buses leave with the interval of 20 minutes. Average journey time is 40 min. The bus stop at the Calata Porta di Massa is written on the timetable as via Marina. The bus stop at the Molo Beverello as P.zza Municipio. You should ask the driver to stop on Via Marina if you need to get off at  Calata Porta di Massa. If you miss the stop and arrive at Molo Beverello , don’t worry. You can then take  free bus from there back to Calata Porta di Massa.

Tickets cost 3 EUROs. if you buy them in authorised point of sales and 4 EUROs if you buy them on the bus. Don’t forget to validate the ticket once you are in the bus.

You can check the time table here: (updated 19.05.2016)

Alibus: Naples Airport —  Molo Beverello

Alibus:Molo Beverello – Naples Airport

—  Napoli Centrale — Molo Beverello and Calata Porta di Massa

In order to get to the ports from the Central Train Station of Naples at Piazza Garibaldi you can take the bus of the same company Alibus.

You can check the timetable here: (updated 19.05.2016)

Alibus:  Napoli Centrale — Molo Beverello

Molo Beverello

Port Mergellina

Mergellina is a small port that is mostly used for entertainment purposes and is famous amoung tourists. Some shipping companies offer hydrofoils connections to Ischia and Capri. The most convenient way to reach the port is by metro. You need to get off at the same named metro station  Mergellina (line 2). The metro station is situated close to the port (around 400 meters), so you can easily reach it afterwards on foot.

Mergellina Napoli

  • Port  Pozzuoli

Port Pozzuoli is situated outside of Naples. It is connected directly with the main highroad Tangenziale. So it is an optimal choice for those who travel by car.  In order to reach the port you need to be on the highroad Tangenziale and take the exit (Uscita 12) Pozzuoli – Via Campana. Then just follow the street signs to the port. Please note that the highroad is not at a very good condition. Be careful.

Please note that to Ischia from this port leave only ferries/ital. traghetti. The average journey time from port Pozzuoli to Ischia is a little bit less than from other ports of Naples.

porto pozzuoli

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Naples – Island of Capri: how to reach

How to get to Capri Italy?

capri porto

The most popular way to get to the Island of Capri is by ferries from Naples. In Naples ferries leave from two ports: Molo Beverello and Calata di Massa. How to get to these port in Naples you can read here. In Capri there is only one port.

From Naples port Molo Beverello leave hydrofoils/итал. Aliscafо that transport only passangers. From other Naples port Calata di Massa leave ferries/итал.traghetto and ferries TMV (that is high speed ferries). Ferries transport not only passangers but also vehicles.

Please note that prices and timetable change often. During the high season, it is better to book the tickets beforehand. In case of bad weather, it is recommended to call the shipping company, you want to use, in order to varify the timetable. Please note that hydrofoils don’t operate when the weather is bad.

Shipping companies Caremar, SNAV, NLG provide passangers transport between Naples and the Island of Capri.


Shipping company  Caremar provides connections between Naples and Capri every day by means of ferries and high speed ferries TMV. Average journey time on normal ferries is one hour and 20 min, on TMV ferries – 1 hour. From and to Naples ferries use the port Calata Porta di Massa

You can check the timetable here (2016):

Caremar: Naples – Capri

On Jenu 2016 tickets cost around € 11, 30 for normal ferries/traghetto

On June 2016 tickets cost around € 16, 50 for high speed ferries/traghetto TMV

*Always varify timetable and prices before buying the tickets as they are subject to constant change.



Shipping Company SNAV provides connections between Naples and Capri every day by means of hydrofoils/итал. Aliscafо. The average journey time is 45 min. From and to Naples ferries use the port Molo Beverello.

You can check the timetable here in a pdf format (summer 2016): SNAV Naples – Capri

The average price of one way ticket is 20,10 €.

*Always varify timetable and prices before buying the tickets as they are subject to constant change.


  • NLG

Shipping company NLG provides connections between Naples and Capri every day by means of hydrofoils/итал. Aliscafо. From and to Naples ferries use the port Molo Beverello.
Ticket prices fot the period from 01/04/2014 to 31/12/2016 are following:

One way ticket for adults 19 EURO, two way ticket 38 EURO.

One way ticket for children from 2 to 12 years cost 12.90 EURO, 25,80 EURO.

You can check the timetable in pdf format here (2016): NLG Naples — Capri

*The timetable is varified 20.05.2016. Always check timetable and prices before buying the tickets as they are subject to constant change.