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  • Krystyna Gutowata

    Hey I’ve got a question about single tickets between Sorrento and Positano:
    1) whats the price for single ticket?
    2) are there discounts for students?
    3) do I have to validate the ticket at the bus?
    4) can I buy ticket in a tabaccheria in advance (buying two tickets to and from Positano in a shop in Sorrento)?
    Where can I check the schedule between those two stops (would be great if it was in eng)
    Thanks for an answer in advance

    • sita_admin

      The basic price of a ride is 1.1€ but I would suggest you to get an Unico.
      There are discount for students but for the subscriptions (Monthly/Yearly).
      Yes you have to validate the tickets onboard
      Yes you can buy the ticket in advance.