Perugia: airports connections


In this article we are going to talk about how to get to Perugia from Umbria International airport, Roma Fiumicino airport and Florence airport.

  • Umbria International airport ‘San Francesco d’Assisi’ – Perugia

1. Buses of Umbria Mobilità  offer connections between Umbria airport and Perugia, Assisi, Foligno and other cities of Umbria. One way ticket to Perugia costs 2,50 EUR (on a bus – 3,50 EUR). Tickets can be bought at the airport bar.

You can check the timetable here (valid for 2015/2016):

Umbria Airport– Perugia, Line E007

Umbria Airport – Perugia, Line E422

2. A bus of  ACAP – SULGA company offers daily EXPRESS connections between Umbria airport and Perugia. Tickets can be bought on board. One way tickets cost 8 EUR, two way tickets – 14 EUR. For children under 12 anni, one way tickets cost 5 EUR, two way – 9 EUR. Average journey time is  30 minutes. What is more, the bus might stop near hotels. The list of hotel is presented on the timetable below.

Timetable (from 05-08-2016): Umbria Airport – Perugia, ACAP-SULGA

National Archaeological Museum of Perugia
  • Roma Fiumicino airport, Rome Tiburtina  – Perugia

Bus company Sulga offers connections between Rome and Perugia every day except Christmas, New Year and Easter. In Rome buses stop in Fiumicino airport and at the station Roma Tiburtina. Buses also stop in Todi, Deruta and Assisi. The price depends on where you want to go. Children under 12 years old pay the half. Tickets can be bought on a bus. Average journey time to Perugia from Roma Fiumicino is 4 hours, from Roma Tiburtina – 3 hours.

Timetable and prices (updated 30.08.16):

Rome – Todi – Perugia- Assisi

Assisi- Perugia – Todi- Rome

In addition to this, Sulga buses offers connections between  Rome and Perugia, making another intermediate stops with a final destionation in Ravenna. In Rome buses stops at Fiumicino airport and at Roma Tiburtina. Buses also stop in Forli, Cesena, S.Sepolcro and C.di Castello. The price depends on where you want to go. Average journey time to Perugia from Roma Fiumicino is 3 hours, from Roma Tiburtina – one hour and a half.

Timetable and prices (updated 30.08.16):

Rome – Perugia-Cesena-Ravenna

  • Florence airport Peretola– Perugia

Florence airport is situated 160 km from Perugia. Unfortunately there are no direct connections. First, you need to arrive at the train station of  Santa Maria Novella di Firenze. In order to do that you can take a bus Volainbus, operated by Busitalia Sita Nord/ATAF, that connects Florence airport and Florence in 30 minutes. Average journey time is 20 minutes. One way tickets cost 6 EUR, two-way tickets – 10 EUR. Tikcets can be bought in ticket offices of l’Ataf Point and CRAL Ataf. The Ataf Point is situated at the train station of Santa Maria Novella, whilst  CRAL Ataf is situated on via Alamanni 20r, via Pacinotti 1/a and in via Pratese, 103/d.

From 28/07/16 the first bus leaves the airport at 05.30, whilst the last one at 00.30. In Florence buses stop Galleria stationa and in the bus terminal/autostazione bus Italia. This bus terminal is situated next to  the tarin station of Santa Maria Novella di Firenze.

Once arriving at the train station of Santa Maria Novella, you should take a train to Perugia Fontivegge. The average journey time is 2 hours. The prices are from 14 EUR. There are both direct and indirect trains. You can check the timetable on the official website of Trentitalia.

Perugia, piazza Italia




Siena railway station

La Stazione di Siena, situata in piazza Carlo Rosselli nella foto: piazza Carlo Rosselli e fontane

Siena railway station is situated on Carlo Rosselli square. The railway station is not big, there are 7 platforms in total. At the station there are tickets offices for both trains and buses, newspaper kiosk, bar. Just in front of the station there is a shopping mall and the University of Siena for foreigners/ l’Universita di Siena per gli Stranieri.

universita di stranieri

  • Trains

There are national and regional trains that connect Siena with different cities of Toscana and other regions of Italy. For example, it is easy to reach Florence by train. Every day leaves 31 trains that connect two cities. The first train to Florence from Siena leaves at 05:00, whilst the last one at  21:26 (during weekdays). The average journey time is one hour. The price is 9,10 EUR. What is more, from the train station of Siena it is also possible to reach Roma Termini. There are 21 trains each day that connect two cities. The first train to Rome from Siena leaves at  05:43, the last one – at 20:24 (weekdays). The average journey time is 3 hours and 30 minutes. You need to do 1 change. Tickets cost from 18 EUR.


  • Buses

In Siena there are 3 bus companies that connect Siena with different cities of Toscana (such as Pisa, Arezzo, Grossetto, Piombino, Florence and so on) and with cities of other regions of Italy: TIEMME SpA, BUSITALIA – SITA Nord and SIENA Mobilità. There are two main bus terminals: railway train station and piazza Gramsci, that is situated in the city center. Usually buses stop in both of them, but it is better to verify that with a driver. Siena station is situted just 2 km from city center. From the station it take only 5 minutes to get to the city center; buses leave regularly or to piazza Gramsci or to per piazza del Sale. Tickets can be bought on the bus (with some extra charges) or in the selling points (such as bars, newspaper kiosks, tabaccherie). Urban tickets cost around 1 EUR.


What is more, from the Siena railway station leave Baltour buses to Rome. These buses stops at the railway station and in Piazza Gramsci. Tickets cost around 9 EUR. There are 12 buses per day that connect two cities. Average journey time is 3 hours. Buses arrive to Roma Tiburtina. What is more, there are buses  BusShuttle, operated by Tiemme (in collaboration with SIT and ByBus), that connect Siena with Fiumicino Airprot. There are 3 buses per day, both during weekdays and during holidays. It is necessary to book tickets beforehand. Average journey time is 3 hours. These buses also stop in  the port of Civitavecchia (on request). You can check the timetable, stops and tarifs here: Siena Roma Fiumicino


Please note that buses to Florence from Siena and vice versa stop in via Tozzi, that is in the city center NOT at the railway station of Siena. For more information: Florence Siena buses.


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Connection from Rome to Civitavecchia, Viterbo, Bracciano


The company COTRAL operates a daily service of connection between the center of Rome to many towns and cities within the area of Lazio, such as: Allumiere, Bassano Romano, Blera, Bracciano, Cerveteri, Fiumicino, Civitavecchia, Tolfa, Ladispoli, Montalto di Castro and many other places.

The departure from Rome is by the Metro station of the A/Red line Cornelia.

For the timetable please visit: Connections from Rome, Cornelia Metro Station

Red line of the metro: station Cornelia


For further information about the company please visit: Cotral


Roma Termini railway station

Roma Termini outsideRoma Termini
 is the main railway station of the capital and the first in Italy for passenger flow. It is situated in Piazza dei Cinquecento and owes its name to the nearby Terme di Diocleziano (Baths of Diocletian).

Roma Termini station offers services and links designed for tourists and Roman citizens: the station is now the central hub of the north-south link of Italy and of the transport in the city.

The to/from Roma Termini connections include transportation for each category: high speed, Eurostar, Intercity, national, international and regional trains, trolleybuses, trams, buses and subway.

Stazione Termini

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Stazione Termini 41.901091, 12.501991
Mobility map from Roma Termini railway station to Rome and province
Mobility map from Termini station to Rome and province.
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The platform 24 is used for train Leonardo Express, direct line to Fiumicino airport leaving every 30 minutes. Termini station is also connected to Fiumicino Airport via shuttle bus service.

From Termini you can reach Ciampino airport via shuttle bus from Termini or using a regional railway line to the station of Ciampino and then an Atral shuttle bus to the airport.

Termini station is also the meeting point of all the city’s subway lines: Line A (Anagnina – Battistini), Line B (Laurentina – Rebibbia) and Line B1 (Laurentina – Conca d’Oro / Jonio soon). By subway from Termini you can easily reach destinations such as the Colosseum, the Vatican and Piazza di Spagna.

The station offers several bus lines to Rome and province:
ATAC for travelling in Rome (find your bus route);
COTRAL for travelling in province and to the airports;
ATRAL for travelling to Ciampino airport;
FASHION BUS  bus shuttle to Valmontone Outlet Village (leaving only at 10 a.m. and only on Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays);
– 110 OPEN bus for the city tour.

To reach the Rainbow Magicland theme park you get to Valmontone station by train and then continue with the free shuttle bus.

For Ciampino and Fiumicino airports or other tourist destinations, like Zoomarine, you can use other transport companies like Terravision or TAM Bus.

roma-termini_internoInside Termini Station there are many services including Forum Termini a large shopping center located in the basement of the station.


Roma Trastevere railway station

Roma Trastevere Railway StationRoma Trastevere is the fourth railway station of the capital for passenger flow, after Roma Termini, Roma Tiburtina and Roma Ostiense. It is situated in Piazza Flavio Biondo in the south of Trastevere.

Inside the station there are several  services including ticket office, bar, and newsstand.

Roma Trastevere railway station is situated at the junction of the line Roma – Fiumicino Airport and Roma – Pisa.

Roma Trastevere railway station is served by:

  • regional railway line FL1 -> 4 trains per hour to Fiumicino Airport and Fara in Sabina, 2 of them prolonged to Poggio Mirteto and 1 to Orte;
  • regional railway line  FL3 -> 4 trains per hour to Roma Ostiense and Cesano, 2 of them prolonged to Bracciano and 1 to Viterbo.;
  • regional railway line  FR5 -> 4 trains per hour to Roma Termini e Civitavecchia, 2 of them prolonged to Montalto di Castro-Grosseto and 1 to Pisa.
  • bus ATAC lines (night and day).

Find your bus

It is possible to calculate the route of each line here.


Roma Trastevere Railway Station Map