TIC – Ticket Integrato Campania


Since 1st January 2015 a new tariff system came into force about Campania.

  • Corporate Tickets: each company has its own tickets and subscriptions; they can be used on any transport of that single company;
  • Integrated Tickets: UNICOCAMPANIA and UNICOCOSTIERA are replaced by the TIC, Integrated Ticket Campania, which will allow you to use any means, even if belonging to different companies;
  • one-way ticket: it allows (the user) to one single journey on a single line of a single company;
  • weekly ticket: the user can make an unlimited number of trips during the time span of a week.


Downolad here the brochure about TIC (italian only):

Brochure TIC part 1

Brochure TIC part 2



Download TARIFF TIC/SITA or use the search engine to find the rate of your ticket.

Tariff summary.



Versione italiana: TIC – Ticket Integrato Campania


Sita Sud srl – bus connection

Sita Sud bus connections

Sita Sud bus connectionsSita Sud S.r.l. is a bus company for connection in the south of Italy. The service is divided into regions.


In Basilicata the service is part of the Cotrab consortium and it has lines in the provinces of Matera, Potenza and a link with the airport of Bari-Palese.


In Puglia the service is part of Cotrap consortium and it has lines near Bari e Foggia.


Sita Sud has daily lines from Naples and Salerno to Sorrento PeninsulaAmalfi Coast, Cilento Coast, Vallo di Diano, Potenza and Avellino.

National routes

Sita Sud also has the connection SalernoNaples – Bari.


Some lines:

Naples – Amalfi

Naples – Salerno

Naples – Positano

Naples – Minori


Bus connections between Finland and Russia

Thanks to the good neighbor relations between northwest Russia and the Republic of Finland, weekend visits and shopping tours became very popular among Russian tourists.

The cheapest way to travel to Finland from Northwest region of Russia is by bus. Now bus tickets to Helsinki, Lapeennranta, Imatra, Hamina, Kotka, Kuovula and other cities are available online at DirectBus.ru. Passengers can book and buy the ticket to go to the city center or to the airports. Also they can buy a one day tour trip to go and come back on the same day after a brief shopping.

Russian tourists enjoy various cities in Finland There they book the resorts for family holiday, going for tourist attractions, spa services (spa , pool, sauna), taking cheap flights and ferries to other countries of Europe and the world.

Shopping in Finland. What you need to know about the shopping in Finland/

• Shop working hours in Finland are quite short.
Finnish shops mostly open on weekdays, from 9am to 6pm. On Saturdays they have shorter working day, which lasts from 10am to 2pm or 3pm. On Sunday the most of Finnish shops and malls are closed.

• Sales :
Finland is known for its grand Christmas sales in winter, and the generous sale at summer time.
Winter sales begin at time between the Catholic Christmas and New Year. At this period of time the discounts are not the greatest yet and increase much in January after New Year night.
Summer sales start in Finland after the celebration of the national day on 24th of June. At summer time the discounts can reach up to 70 – 80%.

Finland is connector between Europe and Russian Northwest region (Saint Petersburg).
In Finland there are more than 20 airports with domestic and international flights. The most popular airports are Vantaa Helsinki Airport, Pirkkala airport at Tampere city, Turku and Lappeenranta airports.
The major seaports of the country are in Turku and in Helsinki. Marine lines connect Finland with Sweden ( Stockholm via Åland ) and Estonia (Tallinn ).
Thanks to this developed transport connection many tourists who travel to Russian take their ticket to Finland and than going by bus to Russia. This is the cheapest and more exciting way to travel.

Travelers can book their bus tickets to go from Helsinki or Lappeenranta to Saint Petersburg by bus. Tickets are available at DirectBus.ru.