Artecard Campania

Artecard Campania

Campania> artecard is activated with access to the first site chosen on the following list and has a validity of 3 days.


Includes only one entry to all the sites of the cirtuit:

  • Artecard> Contemporaneo : MADRE, Reggia di Caserta, Museo and Real Bosco di Capodimonte, Museo Novecento in Naples, Metropolitana dell’Arte;
  • Reduced admission: Plart Foundation, ARCA Museum – Contemporary Religious Art of Santa Maria La Nova, Hermann Nitsch Museum, CAM_Casoria Contemporary Art Museum;

A guided tour of the underground stations Line 1 “Toledo” and “Università” (every Saturday at 10.30 am with reservations required at the toll-free number Campania> artecard 800 600 601.
From mobile phones and abroad +39 081 197 37 256);

Use of all public transport means of companies that belong to the UNICOAMPANIA Consortium including all Sitabus transport (Sita Sud).

Where do you buy the Artecard?

  • in museums and archaeological sites participating in the initiative
  • Online
  • Through call center, 800 600 601 (Mobile & Foreigner +39 081 197 37 256)

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