Sorrento city of a thousand flavors

A city of unmistakable charm, located on a tufaceous terrace on the Gulf of Naples, seated by poets and celebrated in numerous songs, is Sorrento, the most famous town on the Sorrento Coast.

Since ancient times it was chosen as the ideal holiday destination and still today many choose it to spend unforgettable holidays accomplices also its breathtaking views, a still uncontaminated landscape featuring gardens and citrus groves and the charming historic center, symbol of architectural tradition Of the place represented by the lace and the lace.

Get ready to discover wonderful places including the Vallone dei Mulini, a place of great natural beauty. This is a deep opening in the rock, about 35,000 years ago, following a violent eruption of the Phlegrean Fields (Campi Flegrei) and named after the large mill used until the early ‘900 to grind the grain.

In the center of Sorrento you can visit the Church of San Francesco and Piazza Tasso, dedicated to the most famous town of Torquato Tasso town and the heart of city life.

Not to be missed are the Basilica of Sant’Antonino of great architectural beauty decorated with columns from Roman villas and canvases of Giambattista Lama and the Duomo where you can admire the beautiful lateral marble portal that shows in the architrave the coats of arms of Sixtus IV .

In addition to visiting the city you will have to taste all the delicacies that the city has to offer.

Sorrento’s gastronomy has an ancient tradition inspired by the respect for the quality and genuineness of raw materials, which will conquer you at the first taste!

Unique products and varieties of food make Sorrento cuisine, one of the most appreciated as it manages to melt the flavors and scents of the sea with those of the mountain.

The “gnocchi alla sorrentina” made with tomato, basil and fjordillate sprout, cannelloni with ricotta, boiled or cooked lobster in tomato, parmigiana aubergines, salted or fried shrimp and casserole octopus .

Simple dishes with explosive taste to accompany a white or red Sorrento.

Dulcis in fundo (The sweet at the end), is a local pastry, characterized by citrus fruits: limoncello sorbet, lemon delicacy (a pan of Spain coated and filled with a soft lemon cream), the lover of limoncello are the hosts encountered.

And after a rich lunch there is nothing better to digest than a good limoncello to serve cold in small glasses, or a nocino, the other typical liquor of Sorrento.

In short: Pancia mia fatti capanna! (my belly made hut!)

How to get to the Amalfi coast from Rome: bus connections


It is possible to reach the Amalfi coast from Rome by bus or by train.

  • By bus

The Marozzi Bus Journeys company carries out the ride from Rome to Amalfi.

The departure from Rome is at the bus station of Tiburtina Railway Station. Tickets can be purchased at the bus station Tiburtina. The cost is € 21,50 each way and € 37,50 for round-trip ticket. The journey time is approximately 5 hours.

The departure from Rome Tiburtina station is at 07:00 am, stops in: Pompei (How to reach Pompeii), Herculaneum (How to reach Herculaneum), Castellammare di Stabia, Vico Equense, Sorrento, Positano, Praiano and Amalfi.

The departure from Amalfi is at 15:25 and arrives in Roma Tiburtina station at 21:00.

For more information refer to the company’s Marozzi Bus Journeys

amalfi roma

  • By train

First you need to get to Naples central train station Garibaldi. You can check how to get to Naples from Rome here: Rome Naples.

From there you should take a train Circumvesuviana, direction Sorrento. Then in Sorrento you should take the bus of the company Sita Sud. The departure is from Piazza Giovanni Battista De Curtis, near the station of Circumvesuviana of Sorrento. The ride lasts about an hour and a half and the cost of the ticket is of  €6.80.

For timetables: Sorrento – Amalfi.

For more information, refer to the company’s SitaSud


More information about connections with the Amalfi coast is here: Amalfi Coast bus connections

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Vesuvius connections


There are several ways how to get to Vesuvious from Naples and Pompeii.


  • From Naples


The Company EAV Bus operates a shuttle service from the city center of Naples to Mount Vesuvius. Buses leave from the terminal of Piazza Piedigrotta and cross different parts of the city reaching the Vesuvius after 1 hour and 30 minutes.

You can see the timetable here: EVN: Napoli- Vesuvio

From Naples to Vesuvius the bus stops at: 

Capolinea P.zza. Piedigrotta

Napoli via Caracciolo Garibaldi

P.zza Garibaldi Hotel Terminus

Ingresso Autostrada


Capolinea. Vesuvio Q. 1000

From Vesuvius to Naples the bus stops at:

Capolinea. Vesuvio Q. 1000

Ercolano S.Vito

P.zza Garibaldi Hotel Terminus

Napoli via marittima

Napoli via Marina (Molo Beverello)

Napoli p. Vittoria

Capolinea P.zza. Piedigrotta

 – Train Circumvesuviana

It is also possible to take train Circumvesuviana from Naples Central train station in direction of Sorrento till the station Ercolano-Scavi (more inf. about how to get to Herculaneum/it. Ercolano you can see here: how-to-reach-herculaneum). The train leaves every thirty minutes (more or less). Ouside of the station Ercolano-Scavi there is a bus station with buses and taxi that go to Vesuvious. The average journey time is 30 min.

  • From Pompeii

– Eavbus Pompei-Vesuvio

From Piazza Anfiteatro in Pompeii (you can see here how to get to Pompeii) leave direct buses Eavbus Pompei-Vesuvio

Buses leave every day from 08.00 till 15.30(because the last entrance to Vesuvio is at 17.40). The average journey time is 55 min. The bus goes till the crater (that is the height of 1000 m).

You can see the timetable here: EVN: Pompei – Vesuvio

There bus makes 4 stops:

Porta Marina

Villa dei Misteri

Height 400 m

Height 750m.

Tickets Pompei/Vesuvio can be bought in the bus. The price for one way ticket is  2,70.

  – Train Circumvesuviana

It is also possible to use the train Circumvesuviana direction Pompei-Napoli till  Ercolano-Scavi. Ouside of the station Ercolano-Scavi there is a bus station with buses and taxi that go to Vesuvious. The average journey time is 30 min.

  • From Herculaneum/Ercolano

Vesuvio Express Bus shuttle

From the square of the train station Ercolano-Scavi leave Vesuvio Express Bus shuttle that connect Herculaneum and Vesuvious. The bus leave every day, every 40 min starting from 9.30. Two way ticket costs 10 EUROES. It is also possible to buy integrated ticket that includes also the entrance to the crater of Vesuvius.

  • From Sorrento

 – Train Circumvesuviana

If you travel from Sorrento, it is possible to take  Circumvesuviana train direction Sorrento-Napolitill  Ercolano-Scavi. Ouside of the station Ercolano-Scavi there is a bus station with buses and taxi that go to Vesuvious. The average journey time is 30 min.

How to get to Sorrento you can read here Naples-Sorrento timetables



After you reach 1000 m with the bus or taxi, you need to go for some time (around 20 min )on foot till you reach edge of the crater. The entrance is paid and you can enter only accompanied with a tour guide that you find on spot.

Curreri Viaggi bus and timetables

logo curreri viaggi bus

Curreri Viaggi is a travel agency. It connects Sorrento Coast to several national and international places. It offers coach hire, shuttle services and private airport transfer.

The agency organizes trips primarily on the Sorrento and Amalfi Coast.

Curreri Viaggi bus

Curreri Viaggi offers a bus connection from the Naples Airport Capodichino to Pompeii, Sorrento and Castellammare. Here info and timetables:

Naples Airport Capodichino  – Sorrento

Naples Sorrento

How to reach Pompeii – travel guide



Versione Italiana: Curreri Viaggi

Timetable Airport Shuttle Bus from and to Napoli Capodichino: