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There are several ways how to get to Vesuvious from Naples and Pompeii.


  • From Naples


The Company EAV Bus operates a shuttle service from the city center of Naples to Mount Vesuvius. Buses leave from the terminal of Piazza Piedigrotta and cross different parts of the city reaching the Vesuvius after 1 hour and 30 minutes.

You can see the timetable here: EVN: Napoli- Vesuvio

From Naples to Vesuvius the bus stops at: 

Capolinea P.zza. Piedigrotta

Napoli via Caracciolo Garibaldi

P.zza Garibaldi Hotel Terminus

Ingresso Autostrada


Capolinea. Vesuvio Q. 1000

From Vesuvius to Naples the bus stops at:

Capolinea. Vesuvio Q. 1000

Ercolano S.Vito

P.zza Garibaldi Hotel Terminus

Napoli via marittima

Napoli via Marina (Molo Beverello)

Napoli p. Vittoria

Capolinea P.zza. Piedigrotta

 – Train Circumvesuviana

It is also possible to take train Circumvesuviana from Naples Central train station in direction of Sorrento till the station Ercolano-Scavi (more inf. about how to get to Herculaneum/it. Ercolano you can see here: how-to-reach-herculaneum). The train leaves every thirty minutes (more or less). Ouside of the station Ercolano-Scavi there is a bus station with buses and taxi that go to Vesuvious. The average journey time is 30 min.

  • From Pompeii

– Eavbus Pompei-Vesuvio

From Piazza Anfiteatro in Pompeii (you can see here how to get to Pompeii) leave direct buses Eavbus Pompei-Vesuvio

Buses leave every day from 08.00 till 15.30(because the last entrance to Vesuvio is at 17.40). The average journey time is 55 min. The bus goes till the crater (that is the height of 1000 m).

You can see the timetable here: EVN: Pompei – Vesuvio

There bus makes 4 stops:

Porta Marina

Villa dei Misteri

Height 400 m

Height 750m.

Tickets Pompei/Vesuvio can be bought in the bus. The price for one way ticket is  2,70.

  – Train Circumvesuviana

It is also possible to use the train Circumvesuviana direction Pompei-Napoli till  Ercolano-Scavi. Ouside of the station Ercolano-Scavi there is a bus station with buses and taxi that go to Vesuvious. The average journey time is 30 min.

  • From Herculaneum/Ercolano

Vesuvio Express Bus shuttle

From the square of the train station Ercolano-Scavi leave Vesuvio Express Bus shuttle that connect Herculaneum and Vesuvious. The bus leave every day, every 40 min starting from 9.30. Two way ticket costs 10 EUROES. It is also possible to buy integrated ticket that includes also the entrance to the crater of Vesuvius.

  • From Sorrento

 – Train Circumvesuviana

If you travel from Sorrento, it is possible to take  Circumvesuviana train direction Sorrento-Napolitill  Ercolano-Scavi. Ouside of the station Ercolano-Scavi there is a bus station with buses and taxi that go to Vesuvious. The average journey time is 30 min.

How to get to Sorrento you can read here Naples-Sorrento timetables



After you reach 1000 m with the bus or taxi, you need to go for some time (around 20 min )on foot till you reach edge of the crater. The entrance is paid and you can enter only accompanied with a tour guide that you find on spot.

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12 thoughts on “Vesuvius connections

  • robrobesz

    I would like to use the EAV bus from Naples to Vesuvio.
    Could you please advise where is the bus stop at Molo Beverello?
    The timetable says Via Marina but it’s quite a long road with many bus stops so I’m quite confused.
    I found a bus stop in front of the ferry terminal, called Acton- Molo Beverello, also the red sightseeing bus stops there. Is it possible that EAV uses this stop too?

  • kovaku

    Dear Sitabus,

    I have just read this article and it is really useful.

    I am wondering if the bus service is still operates? Since due to the recent fires only the north parking place reachable on the Mt. Vesuvio.

    I am planning to take this bus from Corso Garibaldi, can you give me a clue which bus number should I look for?


    • sita_admin Post author

      Hi Kovaku, if the fires still in place I doubt that the bus will run but you should check with the local drivers because it will change day by day. The last information we received about the Vesuvius bus was that they are suspended from the 14/07/2017 and no other notice were received. The number is Q.1000

  • Erez

    Hello SITA people!

    Is the bus line still active? I plan to use it on August 25, which is Sunday. Does the bus leave Piazza Garibaldi at 09:25 and 10:25?
    What is the exact address of the bus station?
    Where do I buy tickets?


    • sita_admin Post author

      Dear Erez, there are many bus lines on the page. Which one do you refer? Also you will be able to buy on board (Extra-charge) or from the re-sellers usually tobacconist / bar / newsstands. Regards.

    • sita_admin Post author

      Dear Kakusan, the connection is active every day including holidays. We are waiting for the confirmation from the company.