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Amalfi Salerno bus connection 36 comments

Sita Sud srl serves the connection Amalfi Salerno.

Amalfi-Salerno is served by several bus lines:


5120 Stops and timetables

5120 stops:

  • Amalfi
  • Atrani
  • Minori
  • Maiori
  • Cetara
  • Vietri sul Mare
  • Salerno

Download the pdf bus timetable: 5120: Amalfi-Salerno (valid since 13/06/2016)

Download the pdf bus timetable: 5120: Amalfi Salerno (valid since 01.08.2016)

5010 Stops and timetables

5010 stops:

  • Amalfi
  • Maiori Centro
  • Tramonti (Pucara)
  • Tramonti (Bv. Polvica)
  • Tramonti (Polvica)
  • Tramonti (Corsano)
  • Tramonti (Pietre)
  • Tramonti (Capitignano)
  • Tramonti (Cesarano)
  • Tramonti (Bv. Cesarano)
  • Tramonti (Campinola)
  • Tramonti (Chiunzi)
  • Corbara
  • S. Egidio M. Albino
  • Pagani Centro
  • Nocera Inf. (Croce Sud)
  • Cava de’ Tirreni (FS)
  • Salerno(via Vinciprova)

Download the pdf bus timetable:  5010: Amalfi Salerno  (valid from 15 Sep)

Download the pdf bus timetable:  5010: Amalfi Salerno  (valid from 13 Jun 2016)



For bus lines Amalfi Salerno is valid the Unico Costiera tariff system.

Amalfi Coast

For more information about Amalfi Coast consult the following: Amalfi Coast.

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36 thoughts on “Amalfi Salerno bus connection

  • Király Viktória


    In a timetable, the “G = GIORNALIERA/DAILY” means these buses are runs on sundays and national holidays also?


  • holmes1981

    Can you please tell me where to get the 5120 bus for Salerno to Amalfi? We will be arriving by train from Roma Termini into Salerno at 09:21 on 04 Mar 2016. Where is the bus stop in relation to train station? Does Sita Bus run every hour on weekdays?

    • Monica Post author

      Hi, holmes1981.
      In the article on the top of the page you can find the timetables currently available.
      Bus stop is just outside the Salerno station.

      Have a nice journey.
      La redazione declina ogni responsabilità riguardo eventuali ritardi.
      The editorial staff is not responsible for any delays.

    • Monica Post author

      It is in Piazza Flavio Gioia / Lungomare dei Cavalieri.

      La redazione declina ogni responsabilità riguardo eventuali ritardi.
      The editorial staff is not responsible for any delays.

      • John

        Thanks Monica!

        Do you know where the bus stops in Salerno?

        I am catching the Italia Rail from Salerno to Fiumicino Aeroporto – would you be able to provide the address to this station as well?

        Thanks again in advance,

  • Jessica Trigg

    Hello Monica,

    Me and my boyfriend need to be at Salerno train station at 9.00am on Saturday 17th September. Will it be possible to get a bus from Minori to Salerno in time for this?

    Many Thanks


    • Monica Post author

      Hi, Jessica.
      Currently, there are three buses from Minori (5:30 6:30 7:30) to Salerno before 9am.

      Timetables may change in September.

  • Jed Harrison-Moore


    I am wanting to travel from Sorrento to Salerno by bus tomorrow morning – could you advise me which buses to take please?

    I am wanting to leave around 8/9AM

    Also how long each bus journey takes.

    Thank you

    • Marias

      Hi Jed,

      Unfortunately, there is no direct bus. You should make change in Amalfi.

      So from Sorrento you need to take a bus to Amalfi. (bus 5120, line AMALFI – Positano – SORRENTO). Then in Amalfi you need to take another bus to Salerno (bus 5120 line Amalfi – Maiori – Salerno)
      You can find all necessary timetables of the line 5120 here:

      As you would see for tomorrow (22.06.16), there are buses that leave from Sorrento to Amalfi at 8.30, at 9.00 and at 9.30. When you arrive in Amalfi, you can take a bus to Salerno at 11 a.m., 12a.m. or 12.30 a.m. respectively. Check the timetable to find the most appropriate way.

      Average journey time from Sorrento to Amalfi is a bit less than 2 hours. From Amalfi to Salerno average journey time is one hour and 15 minutes.

      Have a nice trip!

  • Morgan Bygdell


    Me and my girlfriend are planning for a bus from salerno to Amalfi on thuesday evening i have 2 questions.

    – on the bus scheldue it looks like the last bus leaves Salerno at 21.30 pm ? is that right? on thuesday the 28? and arrives at Amalfi at 22.45 or something. we are coming by train from Rome to salerno at 20.45 that day.

    – what is the price for two adults that way, we are otherwise thinking of a taxi transfer to our hotel but that would cost us 90 euro?!

    Regards Morgan

    • Marias

      Hello Morgan,

      – You are absolutely right. On the 28th of July, Thursday, the last bus 5120 Salerno Amalfi leaves Salerno at 21.30 and arrives in Amalfi at 22.45.

      – The bus ticket for an adult will cost around 3.40 EUR. Tickets can be purchased at all retailers (such as tabaccheria, newspaper kiosks, some bars) and should be stamped on board.

      Have a nice journey!

  • Joe Giessinger

    Hello Monica!
    On Aug 8th. I will be traveling from FCO Rome airport to Salerno by Train and then I would like to take the 5120 SITA bus (13:15) to Amalfi.
    -So if I take the 5120 at 13:15 I should arrive in Amalfi at 14:30?
    Because I would then like to take another 5120 Sita bus to Scala. There is a 5120 that leaves at 14:30 and another one that leaves at 15:30. I am wondering if the bus is continuous from Salerno to Scala and just stops in Amalfi or if they are totally separate buses with separate tickets?

    On my way back from Scala to Rome (Aug 11th)
    I will take the Sita bus from Scala to Amalfi and then from Amalfi to Salerno and then train to Roma Termini. My main question about the trip from Scala to Rome is about the time table for the 5120 bus.
    -Is the timetable (valid since 13/06/2016) still going to be valid while I am there in August 2016?

    All help is greatly appreciated 🙂

    Thank you,

    • Marias

      Hi Joe,

      Yes, you’re absolutely right. The SITA bus 5120 leaves Salerno at 13.15 and arrives in Amalfi at 14.30 on Aug 8th.

      As for the bus to Scala from Amalfi, it is a separate line.

      The timetable should be valid in August 2016. Usually the timetable is changed on September. However, as the bus company didn’t indicate that information, what you can do is to ask the precise timetable at the ticket points of sale in Scala. There are three of them: ALIMENTARI CUOMO (VIA VESCOVADO 3), BAR CAMPIDOGLIO (VIA VESCOVADO 7) or MANSI (PIAZZA MUNICIPIO 22).

      Have a nice trip!

  • Blanca Maritano

    Hi Andrea!
    I wanted to go to Alamfi Coast with base in Salerno. My questions are the following.
    Where and on what schedules can I take the buses. I also wanted to know the traveling time of Salerno- Amalfi and Salerno- Positano.
    I`ll be staying in Salerno for three days so I think the three day ticket suits me.

    • Monica Post author

      Hi, Blanca.
      The bus in Salerno is in front of the train Station.
      Artecard is the only ticket 3 or 7 days. This ticket includes admission to some museums.

      In this post you can see the schedules: Salerno – Amalfi
      To reach Positano from Salerno you have change bus in Amalfi: here information and timetables Salerno-Sorrento

  • Crystle Laurio

    Hi Monica!

    I am trying to travel to Ravello from Rome on a Sunday. I understand that I need to be catching the SITA bus 5120 from Salerno to Amalfi then to Ravello.

    I will be coming from Roma Termini at 06:26 and arriving at Salerno 09:21. Which means I should be able to catch the 10:30 bus to Amalfi and arriving at 11:15…I just wanted to double check to see if I am reading the schedule correctly. Then from Amalfi I could catch the (scala – ravello – amalfi) bus to Ravello. Where are these stops located? I look forward to your response. Thanks!

  • Andrew Wells


    I am planning to visit Minori for a week from 11 to 17 September this year, and am trying to work out how to get to Minori from Naples by public transport on 11 September (which is a Sunday). Is there any way to find out if the 5120 bus service will be running on Sundays in September?



  • mihaela


    please help me with some information regarding Bus between Sorrento – Amalfi.

    I saw that daily ticket can be purchased, but the info regarding the prices is from 2015. is there any modification on prices, or 6.80 is still available? For kids ( 7 yrs) is there any price reduction?

    Between Sorrento and Amalfi, there is only one bus line or several? if there are several, dally ticket can be used on all?

    Dailly ticket can be used like Hope on buses? And same ticket can be used also for Amalfi – Salerno route, or another ticket is need it?

    Thank you,

    • Marias

      Hi Mihaela,

      Unfortunately, from the first of January 2015 only children that are under 6 don’t have to buy tickets.

      The daily ticket that costs 6,80 is not valid from the first of January 2015. Now in Campania there is a new tariff system that is called TIC. Here you can find more detailed information about TIC tariff system:

      For Sorrento Amalfi route you can use TIC tariff system. If you are not going to pass Naples you can use TIC AC 4 ticket (biglietto orario) that is valid 110 minutes after the first validation. It costs 3,50 EUR. If you are going to pass Naples then there is a possibility to buy TIC NA 7 ticket (biglietto orario) that will cost 5,50. This ticket gives you the right to use it for 200 minutes after the first validation.

      As for Amalfi Salerno route if you are not passing Naples the tariffs will be different. There is TIC AC 3 (biglietto orario) that is valid 100 min after the first validation. It costs 2,80 EUR.
      You can use this search engine to find tariffs for your route:
      Have a nice journey!

  • Neil Sheppard

    As i will be travelling the Amalfi coast by local bus could someone advise me is there a bus station in Salerno ?
    If not where does the bus leave from?

  • Aneta Zajączkowska

    I would like to find:
    an actual (for April May 2018) timetable for buses from Salerno to Amalfi/Positano stopping at Cetara
    info if 3 day ticket for 16€ Costiera… works on those Salerno- Amalfi routes too
    thank you!



    Is the bus from Salerne to Amalfi is accesible for ine person disabled on wheelchair?
    Thank you
    Best regards

  • Susanne Sharif


    Do buses run on Sunday mornings? We plan to take a train from Salerno at 7.37 am and need to get there from Amalfi or Atrani.

    Many thanks,


    • sita_admin

      Dear Milos, the bus stop of SitaBus in Salerno is just in front of the Train Station. I would strongly invite you to ask for the exact place where you will buy the tickets for the bus.

  • Thomas

    I have to travel from Amalfi to Salerno to catch a 8:53 am train back to Rome on Oct 24th 2019

    I just wanna make sure there will be bus running on that morning.

    The bus schedule I see on web only lasts until Sep. But it shows there are few buses leaving at 5:15am, 6:30am(school bus)and 7:15am.

    Can you please tell me what the bus schedule will be on that morning? So I wont missed my train. I hope you can help. Thank a lot. Ciao