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From Catania airport there are different connections with Milazzo Porto, Saracusa, Agrigento and Messina.

You can check how to get to/from Catania airport from/to Catania city center here: Catania airprot – Catania: bus connections

  • Giuntabus

Bus company GIUNTABUS connects Catania airport with Milazzo Porto where ships and hydrofoils leave to the Aeolian islands. Buses offer such connections from  01/06/2016 to 30/09/2016.

The average journey time is one hour and 50 minutes. One way ticket costs 15 EUR,  two way ticket –  26 EUR.

The bus leaves from Milazzo Porto at: 07,30 – 09,20 – 13,50 – 15,30
The bus leaves from Catania Airport at: 10,20 – 12,30 – 16,30 – 18,45

milazzo porto

Milazzo porto

  • Interbus

The bus company  Interbus connects Catania airport with  Siracusa. A one way ticket costs 6,20 EUR, two way tickets 9,60 EUR. The average jouney time is one hour and a half.

You can check the timetable here:

Catania airport – Siracusa

Siracusa – Catania airport

From the airport to  Siracusa the bus makes the following stops:

Viale Tica, 170

Viale Tica, 141 (La bottega del caffè)

Via Von Platen (Arredamenti De Marco)

Corso Gelone (Hospital)

Corso Gelone, 50

Corso Umberto, 196 Terminal Bus (last stop)



  • SAIS Trasporti

The bus company SAIS Trasporti connects Catania airport with Agrigento. A one way ticket costs 13,40 EUR, two way ticket – 22 EUR.

You can check the timetable here:

Catania airport – Agrigento

Agrigento – Catania airport




The bus company SAIS AUTOLINEE connects Catania airport with  Catania and Messina. The average journey time between Catania Airport and Catania is 20 minutes, whilst between  Catania airport and Messina – 2 hours.

You can check the timetable here (valid from 13.06.16): Catania  airport – Messina



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2 thoughts on “Catania-Fontanarossa airport: bus connections

  • Marise Wilson

    My husband and I will be travelling from Australia in October 2019. We want to use the bus from Catania airport to Agrigento returning 4 days later and then bus from Catania airport to Syracuse. Is it necessary to book seats in advance? And how do we do that?

    • sita_admin Post author

      Hi Marise, you can book here but please note that we are not connected with the service and that you can buy the ticket once arrived. Have a great trip!