Florence Siena bus


Tiemme Spa bus company takes care of the connection Florence-Siena with two buses: a rapid line (131R)  that takes 1h 15′ and an ordinary line (131O) that takes 1h 35′. The terminus in Florence is in Via Santa Caterina da Siena 15, near the train station Santa Maria Novella.

One-way ticket Firenze-Siena costs € 7,80 (€ 12,00 on board). Weekly ticket costs €34,80.


Download here pdf timetables:

– Rapid line
131R – A Siena – Florence (valid since 11 June 2016)
131R – R Florence- Siena (valid since 11 June 2016)

– Ordinary line
131 A Siena – Colle Val D’Elsa – Poggibonsi – Florence (valid since 11 June 2016)
131 R Florence – Poggibonsi – Colle Val D’Elsa – Siena (valid since 11 June 2016)


Liscio bus company offers a line Siena Firenze:
Line Potenza Siena Firenze timetables


Versione italiana: Firenze Siena autobus

18 Replies to “Florence Siena bus”

  1. Could you provide the phone number to call if I left an item on the 131/R Sita Bus from Siena to Florence on March 13 to try and recover the item? Thank you for any advice you have.

  2. What is your service to San Gimignana,, arrival from Florence, and leaving San Gimignana I want to leave Florence in the evening and return two days later in the A.M. Thank you.

    Gordon A. Jaecks

    1. Hi Aravind, you can not buy online. You can buy from vending machines, tobacconist/bar and from the driver (It could cost you more). Enjoy your trip.

  3. Is it possible to board the bus at poggibonsi to travel to sienna?
    I can’t find an up-to-date link for a timetable.

    Sites such as “checkmybus” just say that it is not possible.

    1. Dear Maggie, it is possible but you should get it at the signed bus stop and I would suggest to buy the ticket before. Please ask the re-seller (Bar / Tobacconist / News Agent) where the stop is located in Poggibonsi. Which line would you like to take so I can provide you with an updated timetable link?

  4. hello, i am going to stay at a hotel at sovicille in coming week , from florence to siena and sovicille what are the available bus routes or travel method ?

    1. Dear Anesha, it will take a couple of hours to go from Florence to Sovicille. You should take the line 131R and change at “Veneto” and get the Bus 104 or S33.

  5. I noticed on the timetables of the Tiemme bus, it’s only indivated “Lun-Sab”, as in Lunedi (Monday) to Sabato (Saturday). What is the bus schedule on Sunday? I am supposed to travel on Sunday with lots of luggage and I need to know if the bus is running tat day – any help would be greatly appreciated!

  6. Hello! I am arriving in Florence on September 14 at Pertola Airport. Please advise bus schedule from Florence to Poppi? I could not find a schedule on your website. Ciao!

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