Gardaland: how to get there from Emilia Romagna


Bus company Liberty Bus offers connection between Modena and Gardaland. Bus leaves every day if there are at least 15 passangers.Therefore it is obligatory to book the tickets in advance. You can call directly to the company or sent them an email. All contacts are in the timetable below.

The cost is 48 EUR (the price includes the entrance to the park), for children lower that 1 meter the entrance to the park is free and the cost for the bus is 10 EUR. Every Wednesday the bus costs 45 EUR.

You can check the timetable here (from 24.03.16 till 30.09.16): Modena Gardaland

images gardaland

There are also buses that make intermediate stops in Bologna. You can check here: buses from Toscana

If you are looking for buses from other regions of Italy, you can check them here: how to get to Gardaland




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