Gardaland: how to get there from Friuli-Venezia Giulia


The bus company Dea Bus connects Trieste with Gardaland every Thursday from 09.06.16 till 15.09.16. Please note that the bus also leaves during:


– 1 November HALLOWEEN

–  8 December MAGIC WINTER


The price is 60 EUR (the entrance to the park is included). For children that are lower than 1 meter the entrance to the park is free of charge, therefore they pay only 25 EUR for the bus.

Please note that the depature is guaranteed only if there are at least 25 passangers. So it is obligotary to book the tickets in advance. You can find the contacts of the company on the timetable presented below.

Timetable Trieste – Gardaland 2016

images gardaland

You can check how to get to Gardaland from other regions of Italy here: Gardaland how to get there.






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