Venice Marco Polo Airport connections

venice airport connection

In this article different bus connections from/to the airport of Venice Marco Polo are presented. In addition to this, we are going to talk about how to get to the most famous beaches in Veneto.

  • Venice Airport – Veneto beaches (summer 2016)

Buses  ATVO provide summer connections between Treviso airport and Venice airport to the most popular beaches in Veneto: Jesolo*, Litorale del Cavallino, Eraclea, Bibione.

You can download timetables in a pdf format here:
ATVO: Airports Venezia e Treviso – Jesolo 2016 (from 14/05/2016 till 11/09/2016)
ATVO Airports Venezia e Treviso Cavallino 2016 (from 14/05/2016 till 11/09/2016)

ATVO Airports Venezia e Treviso, Mestre FS – Eraclea2016 (from 14/05/2016 till 11/09/2016)

ATVO Airports Venezia e Treviso, Mestre FS Bibione 2016 (from 14/05/2016 till 11/09/2016)

* For more information about how to get to Lido of Jesolo, please see here: how to get to Jesolo


Jesolo beaches

  • Venice Airport – Venice

 ACTV buses
City buses number 5 of  ACTV company connect Venice airport Marco Polo with the city of Venice, stopping at Piazzale Roma, that is the entrance to the city. The journey time is 23 minutes.

Download timetable in a pdf format:
ACTV linea 5 – Venezia – San Giuliano – Villaggio Laguna – Tessera – Aeroporto (updated 7th january 2016)

ATVO Venice Express

The buses number 35 of  the ATVO bus company connect Venice airport Marco Polo with Venice city, stopping at Piazzale Roma. (journey time is 20 min).

Download timetable in pdf:
ATVO 35 Aeroporto Marco Polo – Venezia Piazzale Roma(valid from 1/05/2016 to 29 /10/2016)

Vaporetto, that is Venice waterbuses, belong to Alilaguna company. They are situated in the docks near the airport. When you leave the arrival zone, turn left and go under the roofed shelter for around 7 min until you see the docks.

Vaporetto stоp in Venice at San Marco, Rialto, Fondamenta Nuove, Le Guglie.
Journey time is rather long: F. Nove (38 min), Lido (58 min), San Marco (1 hour and 12 min), Rialto (57 min), Guglie (42 min)

vaporetto venezia

  • Venice Airoport – Mestre

ACTV bus
Urban buses 15 and 45 that belong to the ACTV company connect Venice airport with the train station of Mestre. The bus also goes through Trento.

You can download a timetable here in a pdf format (valid from 1st of April 2016):
Linea 15 Aeroporto M.Polo-Tessera – Orlanda – Forte Marghera – P.zza 27 Ottobre – Olivi – Carducci – Miranese – Trento – Mestre FS

Linea 45 Monte Cervino S.Donà P.zza Pastrello Triestina Tessera Aeroporto M.Polo Ca’Noghera

ATVO  Mestre
The buses 25, that belong to the ATVO company, connect Venice airport with Mestre.

You can download a timetable here in a pdf format:

ATVO 25A San Donà di Piave – Marco Polo airport – Mestre – Venice (from 16.06.16 to 31.08.16)

ATVO 25A working days (MON- SAT): San Donà di Piave – Marco Polo airport – Mestre – Venice  (from 01.09.2016 to 15.06.2017)

ATVO 25A holidays and Sundays:  San Donà di Piave – Marco Polo airport – Mestre – Venice from 01.09.2016 to 04.09.2017)

In addition to this, buses number 35B connect Marco Polo airport and the train station of Mestre in only 17 minutes. You can check the timetable here:

ATVO 35B Marco Polo airport – Mestre FS (from 16.06 to 31.08.16)




  • Venice Airport Treviso

– Buses ATVO connect Marco Polo Venice Airport with Treviso. You can see the timetable here: ATVO linea_35 TREVISO – VENEZIA Aeroporto Marco Polo

The timetable is valid from 16/06/2015 till 31/12/2017



  • Venice Airport – Padova, Abano, Montegrotto

Companies FsBusItalia and Sita Nord connect the Marco Polo Venice airport with Padova, Abano and Montegrotto.

You can find a timetable here: Timetables of Sita buses

More infromation about Padova connections are here: how to get to Padova.

  • Venice Airport-PordenoneAviano

You can find more detailed information here:
Venezia Pordenone





You can buy tickets:

  • In the ticket offices “Public Transport” at the arrivals zone;
  • In the ticket machines that are situated in the baggage claim zone near the baggage carousel 3 and 5 or at the bus stops;
  • On board of the buses ATVO;
  • On board of the buses FSBusitalia (but with some extra charges).

*special buses for the Venice Carnival 2016

Buses  of the ACTV company organize special bus routes for the Venice Carnival: ACTV Carnevale 2016 (30 January – 9 February 2016)


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