Circumvesuviana timetables and rates


Circumvesuviana is a railway operating services in the East of the Naples metropolitan area. It is managed by EAV Ente Autonomo Volturno. The Circumvesuviana railway service covers a wide catchment area of over 2 million people, distributed in 47 municipalities, including Scafati, San Valentino Torio and Sarno in the province of Salerno and Avella and Baiano in the province of Avellino. The network forms an important commercial artery, and provides services to the important tourist destinations of Pompeii (How to reach Pompeii) and Herculaneum (How to reach Herculaneum).

All routes start from the Napoli Porta Nolana terminus near the Porta Nolana, and pass through Napoli Garibaldi station before splitting into several branches to towns in the province. A journey along the entirety of the longest route, the 47 km (29 min) from Naples to Sorrento, takes about one hour.


Circumvesuviana mappa
Circumvesuviana map
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For details and pdf timetables click on the specific line:

  • Campania Express (fast train to Naples, Pompeii, Herculaneum and Sorrento)



The rate depends on the route. To know the cost of the various sections refer to EAV or Find your rate.


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16 Replies to “Circumvesuviana timetables and rates”

    1. Hi!

      Circumvesuviana trains starts their journey from Porta Nolana in Naples therefore you can buy tickets in newspaper kiosks or in bars near Porta Nolana. If you are leaving from Piazza Garibaldi then you can buy tickets in newspaper kiosks near it.
      You can also book tickets online on the official website of the company: Ente Autonomo Volturno ( but now it is too early to do that.
      In addition, you can check the more detailed information about the train and bus connections with Pompei here. Please note that the timetable can be different in November.

      Have a safe trip!

  1. Hi, we are flying ton Napoli on Sunday . We will be staying in sorrento till Thursday. I am wondering if there is a way that I reach on time the airport on Thursday morning: fly at 09:00 or if it is better to rent a car? I find it hard to get time tables . I know that there is a bus from sorrento directly to the airport but it is too late for our flight. Thanks in advance for your help and advice,

    1. It will be early morning when you’ll leave the airport so I would suggest you to rent a car or get a transfer to the airport. Don’t take a chance!

  2. Buongiorno

    È possibile di comprare i biglietti per un gruppo di 103 student e 8 prof in anticipo? Vorremmo andare da Sorrento a Castellamare, il 8 aprile 2019 alle 21.00.
    L’anno scorso, quando sono venuto alla biglietteria della stazione Circumvesuviana di Sorrento, per comprare tanti biglietti, sorse un caos nella linea dietro di me!

    In attesa di una risposta, vi mando i miei cordiali saluti!

    Herman Coenen
    Sint-Gummaruscollege (scuola)
    Lier, Belgio

    1. Salve Herman, al momento non penso sia possibile comprare i biglietti in anticipo. Penso la cosa migliore sia mandare qualcuno alla biglietteria un pochino prima per comprare tutti i biglietti in modo da non bloccare tutto. Inoltre non si preoccupi troppo, fare un pochino di chaos da queste parti è normale. 🙂

  3. Vorrei comprare biglietti per un gruppo. Da Sorrento a Castellamare, il 8 april 2019.
    103 student (18 anni) e 8 prof
    Come facciamo questo?

    1. Hi Mercier, it depends of the station but mostly is accessible via a Wheelchair. You may found challenges around the stations tough.

  4. How early does the train run from Sorrento to Naples? Looking to make a 7:30am train at Naples on AUG24.

    Does the sorrento – Naples train pick up at Sorrento early enough?

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