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Naples Sorrento bus timetablesq

EAV Ente Autonomo Volturno serves the connection Naples Sorrento by train or bus.



EAV train is named Circumvesuviana. It passes through a lot of cities including Pompeii (How to reach Pompeii), Ercolano, Castellammare e Pozzano.

Timetable train Circumvesuviana Naples – Sorrento



The bus line covers the evening and night hours during which the Circumvesuviana is not active.

Bus timetable



For bus lines Naples Sorrento is valid the Unico Costiera tariff system.


Amalfi Coast

If the Amalfi Coast is the destination of your trip, you can find specific information in the following tab: Amalfi Coast.


Airport Naples Capodichino

You can reach Sorrento from Capodichino Airport by transport company Curreri.
Here more information: Capodichino Connection

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14 thoughts on “Naples Sorrento bus timetable

  • margit andersen


    Do the Curreri viaggi buses still run from Naples to Sorrento? And what time do they leave from Naples in May (the 8 of May)….? Do we have to book the tickets in avance?
    Hope to hear from you soon ☺️

    Margit Andersen, Denmark

    • Monica Post author

      Hi, margit.
      Curreri viaggi don’t stop in Naples. There is a line Naples Airport (Capodichino) – Sorrento.

      La redazione declina ogni responsabilità riguardo eventuali ritardi.
      The editorial staff is not responsible for any delays.

  • skippy26

    Hi, I going on a cruise and docking in Naples port in July. I want to visit Pomeii and Mount Vesuvius. The bus from Naples to Pompeii at 7.30 or 8am does that depart from outside the cruise port (Mollo Beverello) at that time? What time would it arrive in Pompeii?

      • skippy26

        Hi, thanks for your comment. Can you tell me what bus number is the bus from outside cruise port bus depot to Pompeii? Additionally, does the 7.30 or 8am bus I see on map go from out cruise port or somewhere else in Naples. I’m trying to locate where to get the bus from? Thanks.

  • Varsha Singh Sondhi

    We are 5 arriving sorrento on 9th oct night.
    1.10th ideally we want to book sita bus to positano and then ferry to amalfi and sita bus again from amalfi to sorrento. How to book and can we book 1week in advance?
    2. 11th, sorrento to capri. Do you suggest bus one way and return by ferry? How to book? Await your kind suggestion/advice Rgds.

    • sita_admin

      Dear Varsha, you can not book a Sitabus bus. You will need to wait it at the bus stop. About the ferry is mostly your choice, if it is a day trip the ferry has a nice scenery tough.


        Thanks for the reply.
        I’ll be a week in Castellammare di Stabia and I want to spend a few days visiting the Amalfi Coast.
        Tell me what kind of tickets I have to buy to go to the Amalfi Coast from Castellamare di Stabia and to visit several cities of interest to me.
        Is it possible to buy tickets in Castellamare di Stabia? Where are they selling?

          • ASTA ZONIENE

            Thank you for your communication, sorry for many questions – iIt is difficult for an foreigner to understand your transport system….
            I plan to travel by public transport on this route – Castellammare di Stabia – Sorrento – Amalfi – Salerno _ Torre Anunciata_ Castellamare di Stabia. A few more questions have arisen:
            1. I understand that Unico costiera is valid on the Amalfi Coast. The question is whether it is valid in the sections Castellammare di Stabija – Sorrento and Salerno – Torre Anunciata – Caltellamare di Stabija. Do I need another ticket on these routes.
            2. Is it possible to use public transport with a three-day Artecard card (32 EUR) on the Amalfi Coast? The question arises because of the page is a phrase
            “* except for the Sita Sud lines for Sorrento / Positano / Amalfi (special tariffs)”

            Thank you for being and communicating 🙂