Sorrento Ravello bus timetable 2 comments

To reach Ravello from Sorrento it’s necessary to change bus in Amalfi.

  1. Sorrento Amalfi
    The first part of the journey is Sorrento Amalfi.
    Here more information and pdf bus timetables:
    Sorrento Amalfi 
  2. Amalfi Ravello
    The second part of the journey is Amalfi Ravello
    Here more information and pdf timetablesAmalfi Ravello



Valid ticket for Sorrento Ravello: TIC



Sorrento Amalfi Coast
Sorrento Salerno
Naples Amalfi
Amalfi Coast


Versione italiana Italiano Sorrento Ravello autobus (soon)


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2 thoughts on “Sorrento Ravello bus timetable

  • catrin

    Please help! I am needing to get to Amalfi on March 31st from Pompeii. I originally had a car but then the hire fell through. I am currently in Pompeii and have been told that I could get the train to Sorrento then get the blue line(?) to Amalfi. Would this work? I’ve also read that we are still in the winter season until the first so trains are running less often. I can’t seem to open your timetable, it just redirects me to some junk mail. Help would be great!!!